Public records: Sheriff’s Office, Oct. 26

Oct. 5

Hit and run accident non-injury. First block Stillson Road, McCleary. 7:04 p.m. Advised juveniles were riding down the road and a white car drove by and opened his car door and knocked the juvenile down – declined aid. Driver had orange hair.

Oct. 6

Explosion. First block Elma Hicklin Road E., McCleary. 1:01 a.m. Heard loud boom, can see a fire on the property next door. Flames visible. There are two camp trailers, generally someone lives in one of them.

Traffic hazard. First block State Route 107, Montesano. 8:35 a.m. On the bridge there is a piece of metal that is coming loose on the bridge, reporting party is concerned that it will come up and cause a collision.

Disorderly conduct. 200 block E. Pioneer Ave., Montesano. 10:30 a.m. While male mid 20s, short dark hair, 5 foot 10 iches, 160 pounds, black shirt – running around “like a wild man”, climbing up light poles, last seen running into location. Running through construction zone.

Malicious mischief. 100 block W. Broadway Ave., Montesano. 5:24 p.m. Three juveniles behind the location at the park are destroying property at the park – by throwing cement blocks at the ground.

Oct. 7

Intoxicated in public. 200 block E. Main St., Elma. 12:08 a.m. Wife is very intoxicated, was physical with reporting party. Also requesting aid. She is down on the ground now, laying on her side.

Hazardous material. Wynooche Valley Road milepost 7, Montesano. 9:04 a.m. Secondhand information to reporting party – there is a gas spill from milepost 7, to the on ramp at Highway 12 from the Wynooche Valley Road.

Oct. 8

Traffic hazard. South Bank Road at Wakefield Road, Elma. 9:34 a.m. Horse in the roadway.

Threats received. 300 block Powers Creek Road, Elma. 10:22 a.m. Reporting party’s husband is threatening to kill reporting party’s family at the location – Is en route in a Ford F-150 – is possibly under the influence.

Firearm complaint. 200 block Mox Chehalis Road E., McCleary. 11:24 a.m. Request check of vacant lot. Subjects are out shooting on the property. Have heard 15 shots in the past 30 minutes.

Domestic violence act. First block Elma Hicklin Road E., McCleary. 2:14 p.m. Brother came to location, assaulted the reporting party. Aid refused.

Oct. 9

Animal problem. First block Brady Road, Montesano. 4:02 p.m. Reporting party was charged by two dogs – was not bit. Reporting party has a heart condition and is now very upset – is wanting to be checked out by aid.

Trespass. 300 block State Route 8, Elma. 2:35 p.m. Secondhand information – a squatter on his property. Reporting party doesn’t want to confront the subject, would like some advice.

Agency assist. State Route 8 eastbound milepost 3, Elma. 3:09 p.m. State Patrol is attempting to overtake a silver car – was high rate 103 MPH.

Vehicle prowl in progress. North 3rd Street at West Main Street, Elma. 11:34 p.m. Between Third and Fourth streets on Main. Male attempting to break into a vehicle with a brown tarp over it. White male, 5 foot 8 inches gray hair.

Fight not DVA. 100 block S. 3rd St., McCleary. 9:49 a.m. Report of two people fighting in front of City Hall in a car.

Oct. 10

Theft. 200 block Stamper Road, Elma. 12:52 a.m. Theft of flashlight – believe suspect is known. Last seen walking down Stamper Hill.

Theft. 100 block Firlawn Drive, Elma. 10:09 a.m. Theft of gas from the reporting party’s vehicle.

Trespass. 100 block Spalding Road, Montesano. 5:12 p.m. Neighbor is walking on reporting party’s property again. Has been warned to not come on her property in the past. Reporting party very upset.

Oct. 11

Firearm complaint. First block South Bank Road. 2:26 a.m. Just heard six rapid shots from a rifle coming from the south of the reporting party’s residence, nothing else heard. Believes it may be someone shooting at coyotes.