Fattig: We must remember people like Lauren F. Bruner

By Charles H. Fattig McCleary Historical Society Lauren F. Bruner died September…

  • Jan 16th, 2020


Cornfield: Will Republicans join in to kick Rep. Shea from State House?

We know that Rep. Matt Shea is assigned to sit in the…


Brunell: Student loan assistiance becoming a good way to keep employees

Adding student loan benefits helps millennials gets started in their work life and seems to keep them with employers.


Newspapers to keep close eye on legislators after Supreme Court’s Public Records Act ruling

In 1869, the Daily Cleveland Herald quoted lawyer John Godfrey Saxe as…

  • Jan 9th, 2020

Brunell: Sulfur standard change for ships should help all of us breathe easier

Scrapping ships could breathe new life into our nation’s shipbuilding.

Get ready to vote a lot in 2020

It will be a busy year as voters decide the fate of school bonds and help choose the next president.

Longtime columnist Mark Harvey bids adieu

After 772 weeks of us meeting here, I’m stepping away.

  • Jan 2nd, 2020

Cornfield: Drop boxes, tossed ballots, fickle voters among 2019 election quirks

Before turning the page on the November election, here are a few questions to ponder.

Brunell: Much is riding in Washington on winds changing for Boeing

2019 started out so promisingly for the aircraft manufacturer

Brunell: Plenty of southern Washington shop owners to be thankful for

By Don C. Brunell At Christmas, millions watch the 1946 movie classic,…

  • Dec 26th, 2019

Policinski: We’re divided in new ways over our core First Amendment freedoms

At year’s end, First Amendment issues are as controversial and multi-faceted as…

  • Dec 26th, 2019

Cornfield: Habib, Republican senators at odds this holiday season

Stuck on what gifts to give Lt. Gov. Cyrus Habib and Republican…

Cope: When the children’s game ends, let the tears flow

It’s a cruel realization that plays out at the end of every sports season, fall, winter and spring.

  • Dec 19th, 2019

However latest Trump battle turns out, real test will be in November

Political lines not moving when it comes to impeachment of president

Loomis: Leadership, cooperation, commitment will recover salmon

We don’t have to argue about what needs to be done to restore salmon and orcas. We’re past that. We know what the science and our hearts tell us are the right things to do.

  • Dec 19th, 2019

Brunell: Bridges shouldn’t have to sink to be replaced

At times, it takes a catastrophe to get real change. Too often…

  • Dec 19th, 2019

Brunell: Hydrogen fuel cell use in vehicles gaining momentum

The bottom line is now that hydrogen technology is growing in acceptance, it is starting to scale up, reduce production costs, and accelerate infrastructure and research.

Halvorsen Gatlin: Some life-changing Christmas memories

By Tommi Halvorsen Gatlin For the Vidette One of my earliest Christmas…

  • Dec 12th, 2019

When asked their opinion on contract talks, lawmakers were silent

A 2017 law lets lawmakers offer negotiation topics. But a bipartisan panel didn’t do so this week.

Thompson: A new purpose for the McCleary Methodist church: Preserving the past

The McCleary Historical Society made an offer to purchase the United Methodist Church building in McCleary. The offer was accepted. At this writing we are just waiting for the paperwork to go through.

  • Dec 5th, 2019