Letters to the Editor for July 18, 2019

I ask you to support Dave Hauge

We have a primary election coming up soon. I am taking an extra interest in one of the elections. It is for Fire District 5. Dave Hauge is running for this position and I ask for your support at the ballot box for Dave.

Dave has 25 years as a volunteer fire fighter and has served one term as commissioner at Fire District 5. Dave was on the Commission when the District was facing a financial mess and with his leadership along with Jerry Bailey and Eric Patton the district became solvent again. Dave asked the hard questions and expects the right answer. Let’s return Dave Hauge to the Board of Commissioner at Fire District 5. Thank You.

Carl Hagen


One vote for local stories in Vidette

I have been a subscriber by mail to the Vidette for many years. I always enjoy it because we used to live in Aberdeen and my son and his family live in Montesano. They are very active in the community and in sports so it’s always fun when they and their friends are mentioned in the paper. We live in Tumwater and also subscribe to the Olympian and the Seattle Times (yes, we love newspapers). For that reason, and for me personally, I am not interested in seeing national or international news in the Vidette, and would much prefer the local stories. Whatever the path going forward, we will continue to subscribe to the Vidette. Thanks for listening.

Sue Poler


Another vote for local stories

You asked for feedback. I like what your doing. I prefer local news. We get plenty of news on the national and state level. What interests me the most is; pages of the past, any local news, anything hunting and fishing related and I really like to read the sheriffs log. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Ron Hubacka

One vote for Don Brunell’s column and local stories

I enjoy The Vidette and read it every week. I especially enjoy Don Brunell’s column. It represents an important and authoritative viewpoint that is almost non-existent in any other media.

I don’t look to The Vidette for coverage of national or state news. That coverage dominates the metropolitan daily press and much of the electronic media. News from the population centers in western Grays Harbor County is well represented in other print media. But without your presence, it would be difficult to keep local citizens informed about what is going on in their East County neighborhoods.

Particularly in our area, there are a lot of residents who have moved into the neighborhood within the past few years and The Vidette can be a major catalyst, making them aware of, and enabling them to feel that they are a vital part of a distinct community.

Thanks for the invitation to respond.

Ray Heller


One vote for cops log, local stories

In today’s edition you asked for some input. I definitely want to see local community news. I hear enough national and state news from other sources. I like the news of the past but also like to see lists of local activities that are coming up. Something I REALLY miss are the police reports. Montesano, Elma and Grays Harbor Sheriffs. Why has this been discontinued??? Please bring it back!!!! The paper seems skinnier than in used to be … put back the police reports, court reports etc. Please!

Susan Curry