Firearms bill isn’t necessary

According to a Jan. 30 story in The Vidette, “Senate Bill 6294 would require conceal-carry permit holders to complete eight hours of training that would include safe handling and storage of firearms, state laws regarding the use of deadly force, conflict resolution, suicide prevention and live-fire shooting exercises.”

I feel this bill is unconstitutional and will open the door to too many undue regulations and expense.

American citizens should be able to choose extra training if they feel the need.

This bill is an insult to my intelligence. Military veterans and active duty military are OK to defend our country but must have extra training to defend ourselves and loved ones.

Makes no sense.

I’m 75 years old and a veteran.

This bill steps on our rights as American citizens. The forms we fill out that check our background and finger prints are OK.

I’m against anything more.

Michael Casberg