Letter to the Editor: Two treats for fans of McCleary museum

Letter from Linda Thompson

We at the museum would like you to know how very much we appreciate Steve Sleasman’s gift of hosting and cooking the pancake breakfast this past Sunday in the Bear’s Den, McCleary. Four museum members were on hand to take orders and deliver the food, but Steve did all the cooking. It didn’t seem like working early Sunday morning because he made the whole process fun, not to mention delicious. I suppose we need to mention it — it was DELICIOUS.

Our goal was to raise enough money to pay for the redesigning of the sign in front of the old church building to read McCleary Museum and Heritage Center. It is being worked on and will be done shortly. However, one of our members, Mary Antilla, stepped forward and wrote a check to pay for the sign in full! Imagine our delight and surprise.

It didn’t take us long to predesignated the money earned last Sunday — $500! We have been advised by the city inspector, Larry Skinner, that we needed 6 new fire extinguishers in the building. We are using the money earned at the pancake breakfast to purchase those extinguishers! We need to keep our public safe.

With the help of citizens like Steve and Mary, we are one step closer to our ultimate goal — opening this Memorial Day weekend.

Linda Thompson

McCleary Historical Society president