Monte to discuss future of park facilities near Courthouse

City to hold meeting to discuss future of three area parks.

The Montesano Parks committee seeks input on the future of two of the city’s ball fields and a nearby park.

There will be a public meeting 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 23, at City Hall to discuss the future of Nelson and Crait fields and Kelsey Park.

“We want to have a discussion with as much of the community that wants to come talk and get people’s ideas,” Councilwoman Megan Valentine said Friday. “What do they want to see that area look like? It’s idea gathering, talking about what do we know that we like in the parks there, what do we have that people want to see changed.

“We know that the lights at Nelson Field are going to need to be replaced in the future.”

One idea that Valentine has heard mentioned is making the area so it can be used for tournaments, which could generate revenue for the city.

She said the meeting Tuesday is for “finding out what are people’s ideas and what are they interested in seeing happen.”

Another meeting will be held after school starts. But it’s not scheduled yet.

The Parks committee next meets on the first Wednesday in September at City Hall.