LETTER: Toilets for the tourists

Dear Editor:

It’s $2 million for two dump toilets for our tourists to enjoy then they go on their way. Wow.

What about the people who live in Montesano, shop in Montesano, send their kids to school in Montesano and pay taxes? Why is the city concerned about the tourists and not about the people who live here?

That $2 million dollars should be spent on the streets and the sidewalks about town. They are bad.

This harbor is based on tourists’ money, which is not bad, but there should be some concern for the people that live here and pay their taxes here.

We have high unemployment here, and our concern should be to bring that down.

Tourists come and go. Money on projects should be spent inside of the community for the people that live here.

Show me the benefit the people of Montesano will acquire from this.

Ken Fries