Public Record: Sheriff’s Office log, March 2

Recent East County calls received by the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office.

Feb. 9

Suspicious person/circumstance. Kayla Drive at Gravel Pit, Montesano. 3:50 p.m. Call in to the office, of 20-year-old Hispanic male, no shoes, wandering around, acting disoriented.

Traffic hazard. Elma McCleary Road and Fairgrounds Road, Elma. 1:06 p.m. Late teens or early 20s, male carrying a blanket. Last seen wearing hat. Unknown further on clothing. Walking in and out of traffic westbound passing fairgrounds. Not moving for traffic – waving for traffic to go around him.

Animal problem. First block Evergreen Lane, Montesano. 12:56 p.m. Second hand from daughter that two dogs, pit bull and lab are running loose and attacking livestock. Unknown who the dogs belong to. Reporting party’s daughter is on scene trying to keep dogs away from the other animals. No animals were injured. They were advised to keep dogs contained.

Driving complaint. Arla Court and Elma Gate Road East, Oakville. 4:58 p.m. Green Jeep Cherokee SUV driving too fast last seen eastbound on Elma Gate Road. Occurred past one to two minutes. Reporting party is concerned because the driver was driving through water, also saw the vehicle earlier today doing the same thing.

Feb. 10

Animal problem. First block Mox Chehalis Road, Malone. 9:56 a.m. Two mini horses are loose behind the church in the big field. Reporting party concerned they could get in the road.

Feb. 11

Suspicious person/circumstance. First block Evergreen Lane, Montesano. A black Ford Expedition was parked in the area, met up with a tan minivan. They both took off at high rate when they saw reporting party approaching them. Last seen eastbound past few.

Feb. 12

Traffic hazard. Delezenne Road &South Bank Road, Elma. 11:50 a.m. Donkeys in the roadway, not moving for traffic. Animals back on owner’s property.

Feb. 13

Suspicious person/circumstance. First block Devonshire Road, Montesano. 12:12 p.m. Report to their office, on bank side of river downstream from the bridge is a nude male acting weird. Wildlife unit is in the area. Located subject.

Rescue needed. 800 block East Satsop Road, Satsop. 12:51 p.m. Reporting party and friend in his boat on the river, boat has sunk. Both safe on shore. Truck is parked at the west fork ramp, needing a ride back to the truck.

Traffic violation – driving complaint. 300 block Middle Satsop Road, Montesano. 4:52 p.m. Silver Acura, approximately 90 mph, near head-on collision with the reporting party.

Feb. 14

Citizen Assist. 700 block Capitol D 1000, Oakville. 7:58 p.m. Reporting party’s friend got stuck. He went to location to help him out and now they are both stuck. Dodge Ram 1500 and Toyota Tacoma. Snow is 1-2 feet in some areas. One truck stuck in the snow and other vehicle is stuck in the dirt. Vehicles are close to going off the cliff. Just reporting party and his friend at the location, no other people. Out with two subjects.

Feb. 15

Disorderly conduct. 1900 block Owen Drive, Montesano. 10:48 a.m. Verbal altercation with neighbor. Neighbor is upset that reporting party was stopped at stop sign for “too long” as reporting party was trying to sync his phone to vehicle stereo system. Occurred past 20-30 minutes. Subject came to reporting party’s window and was verbal, then passed reporting party and followed him through town as reporting party did errands, was again verbal with reporting party after he got home. Parties now separated.