Wreckless drivers and trees on fire

Dec. 14

Traffic hazard. 500 block Elma-McCleary Road, Elma. 5:20 p.m. Tree branch pieces in the road — blocking.

Agency assist. 100 block Powers Creek Road, Elma. 7:19 p.m. Small tree, about 8 inches diameter, on fire, blocking the roadway. Also, there are 3 downed power lines next to it — flames visible.

Dec. 15

Reckless act or driving. Westbound U.S. Highway 12 and Devonshire Road, Montesano. 5:20 p.m. Red car took Devonshire Road exit, extreme lane travel, almost ran the reporting party off the road. Also almost hit the railing.

Reckless act or driving. Elma-McCleary Road and Fairgrounds Road, Elma. 3:46 a.m. Black Honda Civic, lane travel, brake checking. Vehicle has also caused multiple near collisions. Vehicle eastbound toward McCleary.

Vehicle accident. 300 block E. Martin St., Elma. 8:43 p.m. Female drove off roadway, small black vehicle. Patient refusing aid.

Agency assist. 200 block N. F St., Elma. 11:34 p.m. Reporting party hearing male and female being verbal, sounds physical. Been going on past 20 minutes. Female is in custody. Male half was sent on his way.

Agency assist. 200 block E. McBryde Ave., Montesano. 2:12 a.m. Unknown number of people outside, saw one person on the security camera, says the person had a gun. Reporting party watched the subject kneel down to try and figure out the security code to her front door. She now thinks might be 3 people. Boyfriend fired 4 shots out of the front window to get the others off the property, as they said they were going to kick the door in and take him. Multiple people detained.

Suspicious circumstances. 400 block E. Broadway Ave., Montesano. 8:10 p.m. Reporting party just came home, her sliding glass door was open, bathroom light is on, Christmas tree moved and ornaments on the floor. As she was walking up, there was a person near her apartment, he took off in a gray Subaru with Oregon plates. Don’t believe anything was taken.

Suspicious circumstances. 200 block Williams Creek Road, Oakville. 8:05 p.m. Heard a loud noise, sees flames, and something is burning. She can see the fire from her house. This fire is on the road; could possibly catch trees on fire. Fully engulfed vehicle fire and accident.

Dec. 16

Vehicle accident with injuries. Highway 12 and Bushwell Road, Elma. 2:40 a.m. Gray 2016 Kia Forte vs. pedestrian, says his legs are broken.