Public records: Sheriff’s Office log, March 8

Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office Log

Feb. 22

Trespass. 400 block Lambert Road, Elma. 10:08 a.m. White jeep with two occupants trespassing near the cooling tower.

Structure involved/threatened. 1800 block South Bank Road, Oakville. 5:12 a.m. Across the field from reporting party’s house, can see lots of flames. There is a house/barn over there.

Feb. 23

Domestic violence act in progress. 800 block W. Young St., Elma. 5:56 p.m. Male threatened reporting party with knife, never showed it. Parties now separated. Now saying that it wasn’t a knife, it was needle nose pliers and he was threatening to stab himself.

Feb. 24

Suspicious circumstances. 100 block Brady Loop Road, Montesano. 5:07 p.m. Reporting party says four people in a camper are coming after him to attack him for unknown reasons.

Feb. 25

Reckless act or driving. 100 block Elma McCleary Road, Elma. 6:38 p.m. Reckless vehicle past two days – truck traveling from Hokanson Road.

Explosion. 400 block Elma Hicklin Road, McCleary. 1:33 p.m. Just heard a loud explosion, shaking her house. Sounds like air drops. Has heard three timed intermittent explosions. Advised is thunder.

Feb. 26

Unknown problem. 900 W. Young St., Elma. 8:11 p.m. In alley behind location — request check of an older male laying in the alley, yelling. Two other people with him; appeared to be trying to pick him up and drag him.

Reckless act or driving. Eastbound State Route 12 at South Main Street, Montesano. 9:55 p.m. Silver Toyota Tacoma, severe lane travel, just exited in Montesano.

Accident with entrapment. State Route 12 at Elma Gate Road East, Oakville. 1:55 p.m. Minivan went off the road into water — upside down in water. There is a baby inside – a passerby is trying to break the window. Water is up to the windows of the van.

Feb. 27

Theft. 400 block Monte Brady Road, Montesano. 5:34 p.m. Theft of chainsaws from location. Suspect is renter who lives in the trailer on the back property.

Animal problem. 300 block Katon Road, Montesano. 2:08 p.m. Six horses loose. They have a fence post attached to them.

Threats received. Devonshire Road at Central Park Drive, Montesano. 2:20 p.m. Reporting party was walking her dog down the road on the bridge and there was a male who sleeps in his car at location — started yelling at her and telling her to walk her dog somewhere else or he would kill it.

Traffic hazard. 900 block Middle Satsop Road, Satsop. 5:16 p.m. Cows in roadway.

Feb. 28

Disorderly conduct. 400 block Monte Brady Road, Montesano. 12:24 a.m. Reporting party very upset. Says she is scared to death of male due to earlier reported theft. Was pounding on the windows about five minutes ago.

Domestic violence act in progress. 300 block State Route 107, Montesano. 8:35 a.m. Could hear 21-year-old son, and husband fighting — Could hear yelling, screaming and the phone drop.