Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s log, Aug. 25

Incident log from the GHCSO.

July 28

Found property. 300 block Monte Brady Road, Montesano. 12:20 p.m. Cleaning out rental property, found a weapon — believes it belongs to previous tenant, requests it be picked up.

Destruct/damage/vandalize property. 1000 block State Route 12, Montesano. 7:25 p.m. Ongoing issue with neighbor’s kids throwing rocks, sticks. They have scratched and dented reporting party’s vehicle.

Alarm. 400 block Cloquallum Road, Elma. 3:16 a.m. Requests check of residence or shop across the street. Alarm going off for approximately 10 minutes, has since quieted.

Animal – Lost and Found. 600 block South Bank Road, Elma. 9:32 a.m. Dog missing since yesterday afternoon, female German shepherd, approximately two years old, last seen wearing pink collar. Has a laceration above the left eye with stitches. Info added to animal log.

Theft, property, other. 100 block Mountain View Lane, Elma. 2:59 p.m. Theft of trail cameras within the past four days. No suspects. No serial numbers, make or model known.

Assault/domestic violence. Heise Road N at State Route 8, Elma. 4:13 p.m. Female in a silver or light blue Chevy car involved in a domestic violence assault with male who is now running westbound on foot. Early 20s, with short brown hair, gray tank top, red shorts. Subjects were stopped in the middle of the roadway, blocking it. Male threw the keys down, did something to the windshield then left running. Female retrieved the keys then drove off.

July 29

Suspicious person/circumstance. 100 block Foster Road, Montesano. 1:26 a.m. Requests check of nearby farm. Two large tanks of diesel on the farm and there is a large truck with a dome light parked near the tanks. Unknown if has permission to be there.

Civil dispute. First block Alder Place, Elma. 11:50 a.m. Was contacted by neighbor this morning who believes their property lines are off and that reporting party’s husband has been taking out his bamboo plants that are on his property. Would like a deputy to show specific areas of the property that are involved.

Assault. First block Murray Place, Elma. 8:01 p.m. Two males physically fighting, no weapons. White male, no shirt. Other subject is also a white male, no shirt. One subject left on foot towards reporting party’s residence.

Traffic accident/blocking. Elma Hicklin Road at Elma McCleary Road, McCleary. 3:26 p.m. Newer black Ford Escort or similar in the ditch, high centered on the shoulder. Male and female walking westbound from McCleary and back toward the vehicle asking for a tow. Non-injury.

July 30

Agency assist. State Route 12 at Monte Brady Road eastbound, Montesano. 8:37 p.m. Attempting to overtake a silver Mazda 6 – 102 miles per hour. Passing Satsop bridges. Vehicle now passing Schouweiler, still 100+.

Citizen assist. 600 block Holm Ave., Montesano. 12:55 p.m. Requests check of area. A possibly out-of-control, private burn appears to be either too close to the shed or shed possibly on fire. Reporting party noticed while driving by. Subjects with hose sitting next to the fire. Brush in barrel.

Trespass. First block Wenzel Slough Road, Elma. 7:09 a.m. Requests contact near restrooms referencing problems with transients on site. Small group at west pond, north side.

Agency assist. State Route 8 MP 4 westbound, Elma. 10:23 a.m. Unit in pursuit of two sport bikes, 100 miles per hour. Now one is going eastbound, the other is going westbound. One trooper is in pursuit of both bikes.

Animal problem. 100 block Hokanson Road, Elma. 12:37 p.m. Past 30, saw stray chestnut brown horse. Continued northbound on Hokanson. Believe owner is not home.

Malicious mischief. Meadowhills Lane at South Union Road, Elma. 3:13 p.m. Reporting party’s car was keyed last night while parked at a residence on Meadowhills Lane. Had an estimate done today with $2,000 damage. Reporting party has possible witness information. Also secondhand that suspect is making threats to assault if she reports damage to police.

Suspicious person/circumstance. First block Murray Place, Elma. 11:02 p.m. Past four minutes, reporting party was outside watering his plants. Someone standing on the porch cocking a gun. Reporting party didn’t see the suspect or the gun, just heard it. Reporting party believes that someone is trying to target him.

July 31

Disorderly conduct. 400 block State Route 107, Montesano. 10:46 a.m. Two male subjects — Hispanic male in red tank top with tattoos all over his body. Also a white male, appeared that he had a hand gun in his hand. Last seen heading northbound on 107. Didn’t appear they belonged in the area. Subjects were looking at a house and talking. Appeared that something was going on. Talking and pointing at a house.

Aug. 1

Burglary. 300 block Devonshire Road, Montesano. Residence broken into sometime Saturday night. Believe entry gained through bedroom window, screen out and window open. Nothing damaged. Items taken. Appeared as if they went through tax paperwork, possibly to steal her Social Security number.

Disabled vehicle. State Route 12 at Wynooche Flats, Montesano. 6:22 p.m. White minivan with flashers on, westbound near bridge, unoccupied.

Suspicious person/circumstance. First block Murray Place, Elma. 7:06 p.m. At the road to the right inside the entrance, heard male yell out to reporting party that if it was him, he’d assault him. Unknown where exactly it came from or who it was.

Agency assist. First block Delaney Road, Elma. 9:36 p.m. Secondhand to reporting party that neighbor is locked out of his residence. Has dementia. Reporting party’s husband is with neighbor now. Unable to find a way in, reporting party’s husband not comfortable kicking door in.

Theft, property, other. First block Cummings Ave., Malone. 9:54 a.m. Subject in lobby reporting theft of firearm from his vehicle. Has suspect’s information.

Animal problem. State Route 8 MP 10 eastbound, McCleary 5:46 p.m. Dog seen running down the road. Picked up the pitbull with red collar and now in Olympia. Reporting party will coordinate to drop off at Humane Society in Thurston County. Info added to log.

Aug. 2

Burglary. First block Blockhouse Road North, Elma. 1:38 a.m. Someone outside. Hearing someone trying to open windows, kicking at doors and walls. Also hearing someone going in and out of garage as door squeaks loudly. Thought he heard voices, nothing seen. Can hear someone trying to push on the door. Thought he saw a flashlight heading up the driveway back out towards the road. All doors and windows locked except one. Reporting party and grandmother are in a secure room. Thought he heard someone talking when he first called but nothing since. Reporting party saying it got quiet after he saw the flashlight. Didn’t hear any vehicles.

Suspicious person/circumstance. 600 block Oakhurst Drive, Elma. 2:05 p.m. Water in the creek running black, smells like sewage. Department of Ecology and City of Elma advised. Will send someone to assess it.

Animal – neglect. 1000 block W Main Street, Elma. 2:12 p.m. Two boxers and cocker spaniel chained up at location. Have no visible water. Ribs showing on the boxers. Unknown who lives there. Dogs in residence with food and water.

Driving complaint. 200 block Bush Creek Road, Elma. 3:21 p.m. Dune buggy driving up and down road at high rate. Believe is from House Lane area. Don’t believe vehicle is street legal.

Harassment. First block Gore Ave., Malone. 9:28 a.m. Requests call. Ex calling reporting party excessively and is becoming a problem at work. Reporting party’s department referred reporting party to police.

Aug. 3

Suspicious person/circumstance. 5000 block State Route 12, Malone. 9:11 a.m. White car passed reporting party speeding, then reporting party came up to three vehicles stopped in the middle of the road. White car was across the road, last seen leaving the highway possibly on Dunlap. Also an older pickup with a tarp over something in the back of the truck with a male subject under the tarp, last seen heading eastbound on 12. Also a red car that left at a high rate eastbound on SR 12. Reporting party said something bad was going on, vehicles were reckless and subject in vehicle erratic.

Driving complaint. 700 block Mox Chehalis Road, McCleary. 3:43 p.m. Witnessed male drinking Blue Ribbon beer while driving a white Expedition. Threw the can out the window. Driving at approximately 65 miles per hour, and was last seen headed towards McCleary.