Rain dampens spring excitement

A monthly column by The Vidette’s student columnist.

Welcome back to another edition of Dog Dayz.

One year ago I began writing my columns for The Vidette. It was a great year, and a great experience, and I am super thankful for the opportunity I have been given from The Vidette. Thank you for the amazing support and kind words from everyone. With the second year of columns coming your way, you can expect even more in depth talk of the happenings at school and the thoughts of a high-schooler. This year will be even bigger and better.

This month something took over our little world of Grays Harbor. That something is rain. It has kept everyone indoors.

As a high-schooler it is very annoying and kind of depressing, as you’re stuck in school, and look outside and see dumping rain. It sure is for me anyways.

As baseball started up, games were supposed to begin in mid-March. Due to rain, my first four games were postponed, and I didn’t play my first game until late-March. Of course, baseball is different from most sports, because the rain ruins the field. Other sports can continue to play, such as track, soccer and golf.

The biggest reason why I have disliked this rain is that I can’t really be outside. This means I am usually doing something that has to do with electronics, or something else that’s going to not help me health-wise. The sickness that has been going around this year like no other time I can remember will stay here as long as the rain is here. We need sunlight.

With the rain taking over it is getting me more and more excited for spring break. I am going to Arizona. Scottsdale, Ariz., to be exact. I will take in the hot sun, swim in the pool every day, and I will watch some Mariners baseball at spring training. All the while, I will hopefully develop a nice tan. But, I am most excited for the college basketball national championship I am attending with my dad and best friend in Phoenix.

With Spring break days away, thoughts of the sun are getting me through the week. I look forward to telling you all about it next month.

Even though it’s still raining, it is spring. Spring sports are a month in.

Baseball and softball both have the talent to win state championships, so they should have some exciting years. Though baseball has barely played due to rain, softball has been able to play some home games on Rottle Field, because their field is smaller and they can make games work.

I am on JV baseball. We like to think of ourselves as “The Squad” rather than JV. So far on the year we are 1-1. For our one win, we beat Ocosta 3-1. In the bottom of the sixth the bases were loaded with one out and the shortstop and I turned a double play, which clinched the win for us. I think we are going to have a great year, because we have a lot of talent, and our coaches are Nathan Nussbaum and Shad Rogers both former state championship participants for Montesano in 2012. They know how to win, and they’ve been pushing us to work really hard.

Track has many exciting athletes such as Jordan Spradlin who has committed to Arizona for discus and shot put. Monte also has many great long-distance and short-distance runners. Boys soccer also has a very promising year ahead with many good seniors leading the team. Golf and tennis have possible state competitors for this year as well. Macey Wecker for Golf and Rachel Ayres for Tennis, although both sports have many other great players with the talent to make it as well. But nobody will be going to state if the rain keeps canceling our events.

As you can assume, this month has been consumed with March Madness with any of my free time. I still don’t get why they make us go to school during it, but they do.

This year I have Gonzaga winning it all. Right now while I am writing this, they are in the Final Four! One more win for them and I will watch them in the national championship. So exciting.

This month I have also been working out almost every day. I have really benefited from it, and became much stronger than when I started.

Finally, Prom is coming up next month, and preparations at the school have begun. I don’t personally think I am going, but who knows.

Thank you so much for a great year, and see you next month.