OPINION: Talk about the weather abounds throughout the county

Columnist writes about Satsop happenings.

Has the weather been weird? Yes. The storm of the century surely missed Satsop. A bit of thunder and lightning and a couple of strong gusts of wind but we have seen worse.

Yes, the beaches got hit hard and I “thank” everyone who posted pictures on Facebook. So nice to sit in my house and be warm and just watch the storm from Satsop. To those who live in Washington and Oregon who had storm damage, my prayers are with you.

I spent three days at Tokeland in my motor home with friends from Kent and Maple Valley a week ago. The weather was rainy and windy but we still had a good time. We enjoyed the Cranberry Festival and their many vendors at the community hall. I had a wonderful breakfast at the Tokeland Hotel on Sunday morning before I headed home.

Arline Tobola’s daughter and kids, Elizabeth, Oliver, Porter and Grace have returned home to Olympia from a visit with her sister, Patti, in Pennsylvania. They went on a tour of a coal mine and had fun just relaxing and swimming in the new swimming pool. Now Arline’s husband, Mike, is in Pennsylvania for two weeks doing some work at daughter Patti’s home.

Monday, Oct. 17 , is time for church members to meet at the church and peel the potatoes for the Fall Harvest Dinner that will be on Tuesday evening. I hope many of you when you read this say “Another super dinner at the Satsop Methodist Church.” Always a joy for me to see so many friends come to our church for our dinners.

Sunday morning, Oct. 16, Pastor K led the service. Keith Whipple celebrated his birthday. His grandson, Jackson Bucy put the coins in for grandpa Keith.

Joys shared: The Aberdeen Methodist Church opened their doors for the homeless to come in to be warm and dry during the storm. Francine Carpenter shared the joy of seeing pictures of the beautiful rainbow that spread out across the ocean after the storm had settled down.

Prayers: I asked for prayers for healing for my daughter-in-law, Shawn Borden. She had a tumor removed from her spine. She is in a lot of pain but every day gets a little better. Russ Combs asked for prayers for his friend, Steve Guthrie’s wife. She has a rare blood disease. Prayers were asked for everyone who have suffered from fires, hurricanes and other major storms. We were lucky our area wasn’t hit any harder. I can only say thank you to all the PUD workers, police officers, firemen and good neighbors who are always there to help. May God be with all of us this winter on good days and the bad days.

My thought for the week: “You know we are all going in the same direction, or at least trying to. So we need to live together, get along together, and give each other enough space to be comfortable on that road.” Lillian Gideon