OPINION: Get those letters to the editor in quickly

Deadlines for election-themed letters to the editor

As the general election date nears, I’d like to give a heads up to letter writers and readers about how we’ll proceed in the next few weeks.

First, we’ll either receive many letters, or few letters — there’s no way for me to completely forecast the volume. My guess is we will see an increase in letters as the election approaches.

The number of letters we receive is a variable.

The content of those letters also varies. Some people endorse their preferred candidate (tactful and appropriate), while others take the time to state their beef with the candidate they oppose (not as appropriate or tactful).

Election day is Nov. 8. That means The Vidette will go to press two more times before the election. We will publish on Oct. 27 and Nov. 3.

I will ask that all letters about the election and candidates be submitted by deadline so they can run on Oct. 27. And that’s it for that.

On Nov. 3, I only will publish letters about the election and candidates that are obvious rebuttals. The reason is no candidate can rebut statements before election day after Nov. 3.

Hopefully letters are queued up. Our deadline is 5 p.m. on the Friday before the next publication. That means letters for the Oct. 27 need to be submitted by 5 p.m. on Oct. 21. There are many reasons why this deadline exists.

Rebuttals will need to be submitted quickly as well. By 5 p.m. on Oct. 28.

Look closely at the letters policy on this page and follow it. Letters that do not meet the terms stated in the letters policy likely will not run.

We want to carry your opinion in our paper.

As always, thank you for your letters. We look forward to reading your respectful discourse.