LETTER: Supporting Frank Gordon

Track record merits another four years

Supporting Frank Gordon

I have a deep appreciation for County Commission candidate Frank Gordon’s work ethic and involvement toward helping improve the local economy. His efforts in local and state functions have had a positive impact on our financial and economic future.

His on the Aberdeen City Council and the county commission have been a benchmark in public service.

He currently serves as a member of the Washington Coast Sustainable Salmon Partnership and the Chehalis Fisheries Task Force and helped secure $11.1 million dollars in 2015 and another $3.7 million dollars in 2016 for salmon habitat improvement.

In his first year as commissioner, he was influential in bringing an ongoing 20-year-long discussion turned expensive lawsuit over a third courtroom, to a mutually agreeable end.

He was the only commissioner of the three who stood up for getting and supporting efforts for moving our local hospital from a privately owned facility to a publicly owned first class hospital — a big plus for our area.

His commendable and tenacious involvement in getting our Westport Boat Basin dredged is a key to the fishing jobs so important to Grays Harbor County.

One thing all commissioners should be actively involved with is promoting new jobs for the local economy. Gordon has been instrumental in getting sewer treatment at Hogan’s Corner, and the Brady Loop Road which will open up new opportunities for commercial development.

He has been steadfast in his involvement with the Citizens for a Clean Harbor which, along with the Quinault Nation, has opposed the establishment of rail shipment and storage of the volatile Bakken crude oil to the Port of Grays Harbor.

In closing I am endorsing Frank Gordon as District 2 Commissioner for his day-to-day personal dedication and professional betterment of our local economy and government. Lets’ give him four more years to continue his campaign to bring work to Grays Harbor; we need it.

Al Smith