LETTER: Moving forward vs. moving backward

There will always be those people that hate to lose. Ken Estes lost the last mayoral election. He and Doug Iverson have been mad ever since. Some 68 percent of the people voted for the new mayor and this administration. This city is now moving in a very positive direction.

I attend most meetings of the city council and I have great respect for the leadership and the direction they are moving us. We have had very little drama compared to the last administration.

The only drama now comes from the Doug and Ken show. The mayor has been so positive in her response to this disruptive and rude bunch. This is true leadership to keep smiling while maintaining order and civility. It is perfectly proper to disagree and bring forward ideas and concerns. But to simply and purposely misinform others, rudely express your opinions during a meeting, and be out of order is not acceptable.

This type of behavior is very questionable in the context of the mayor being female and all the rude and out of order noise is coming from old white males.

This administration has brought many new activities to the downtown area. These activities have been organized by the mayor working with people in the community. There is a new basketball court on Simpson, markets in Fleet Park during the summer, and the Full Monte event. The mayor has brought up several new ideas on improving the main entrance to town. She was able to get badly needed grant money to be used just for the entry to our city.

I am very happy with the direction the city is moving and support the mayor and current council. All of the city employees that I have known personally for 40 to 50 years have expressed to me how much better the working environment is now. Also, it is reassuring to know the budget is now balanced and moving in a positive direction. At the Oct. 10 council meeting, the mayor expressed that within the next two years our budget should be at an acceptable level to weather the downturns and emergencies.

Great leaders consider the whole community and strive to bring the people of the community together. Hateful dividers only criticize and divide through hate and lies. Our mayor is a leader that promotes new ideas and is not afraid to take input from the community. Doug and Ken are hateful and so are their few supporters.

Come to the Oct. 30 meeting and listen, learn and provide ideas — not negative half-truths.

Patrick Wadsworth