LETTER: Former mayors whine too much

Dear Editor:

I have been a resident of Montesano since April 1950 when my parents bought a house at Camp Creek Road.

I voted for former mayor Ken Estes last fall, but I’ll never do it again. All he and former mayor Doug Iverson do is whine. And more whining …

And Estes says no BS? What is he really trying to say?

Seems to me that Mayor Vini Samuel has a lot more good ideas.

No, we don’t need a rest area. Fleet Park will work fine. But we need to do something about the traffic problem on the off-ramp. I go to Aberdeen about three times a week, go south on Main Street to go to Highway 12. And most days there are several cars and big trucks waiting to go south on Highway 107.

Any ideas?

Lester A. Foss