LETTER: No debating this challenge to Mayor

Dear Editor,

My reaction to Mayor Vini’s Guest Opinion article dated March 29, 2018 was a combination of illness and fatigue. In other words, I am sick and tired of her one-way communication style. I think it is high time for the Mayor to face her constituents head on and stop pretending that she is in a courtroom where she has the upper hand. She is accountable to us, her constituents. Mayor Vini ran on a platform of TRANSPARENCY. In order to achieve this there must be communication. To date, she has yet to hold a public discussion where she is open to a two-way conversation. Why is this? What is she afraid of?

We know that she is capable of speaking in public, so that can’t be the reason. She’s an attorney so she is able to argue for a living, so that can’t be the reason. Maybe she know’s that her ideas are flawed and she won’t be able to support them? I’m not sure why, but I think it’s time for her to stop hiding and make herself available to the public to discuss her style of governing and her ideas for the future of Montesano.

In fact, I challenge her to a Public Debate to discuss her plans and ideas for Economic Development. We can allow the attendee’s to talk directly with Mayor Vini and actually have a two-way conversation. I am tired of hearing about her plans after-the-fact, when it’s already a done deal. Look at this Traffic Revision Project, for example. State Representative Brian Blake pushed that through behind closed doors, and vows to continue to provide financial support for additional Vini Projects. So we can expect to see more of the same. (Don’t think for a minute that the Rest Area is not still on the table.)

Mayor Vini, if you are so confident that your ideas are good for Montesano, make yourself available to your constituents and be prepared to defend them. Your idea about the Rest Area is absolute insanity. This whole notion of yours to divert traffic off the freeway and into town makes no sense. Generating revenue through increased sales tax is not an Economic Development Plan! A return of two cents on every additional taxable dollar spent does not generate that much revenue. Why don’t you just focus on maintaining the roads and infrastructure within town to make the city more appealing?

So, when do we set up a meeting? Remember, true leaders don’t hide behind closed doors they make themselves available to their constituents. What kind of leader is Mayor Vini? I guess we are about to find out!

Sincerely, Doug Iverson