Orffer for mayor of McCleary

Letter to the Editor

I do not live within the city limits of McCleary, but most of my active life takes place within its boundaries. I cannot envision a more qualified, caring person than Brenda Orffer. I am sure there are some who may think less of her for not jumping at the chance for the city to acquire the United Methodist Church as a new home for the museum when it became available this past summer. Please understand that she would very much have liked for the city to get the church and use it as a museum. She was always our champion when we were discussing it. The City Council ultimately made that decision — and I have to say, I agree with their decision. To spend the taxpayers’ dollars that way would have been irresponsible. What percentage of the townspeople would it benefit? How much would it cost? Could it raise enough revenue to support itself? Those were hard questions, and I’m sure there were more — the overall condition of the building (although it is in pretty darn good shape for being 93 years old) can be questioned.

That aside, Orffer is knowledgeable, compassionate, even passionate about city government. She was a City Council member before being chosen by a group of her peers, the other council members, to be the mayor of our town when the former mayor had to step down. What bigger vote of confidence can you ask for than that of the people you work closest with?

I am urging every voting member of the city of McCleary to cast your vote for the person who has done a good job for you for over two years.

I’ve had occasion to go to several City Council meetings over the course of the last couple of years and I have seen her interact with staff and council members and the public. She listens with an open mind, respecting the opinions of others. You never get the feeling that she isn’t hearing you. The city staff feels appreciated. Ask them, anyone of them.

When the group that puts on the free lunch program at the United Methodist Church had concerns regarding their ability to continue the program if the city or the museum took over the building, Orffer told them she would find a place for them to move to, if it came to that.

Road conditions in town are another focal point for her. It came up when talking about spending money on the church.

This is the best person for the job. If you have been wondering who to vote for, let me take the guesswork out of it for you. Vote for Brenda Orffer for mayor of McCleary.

Linda Thompson

President of the McCleary Historical Society