No ‘change’ needed at clerk

One candidate for the position of county clerk has added an afterthought to her sign saying “Time for a Change” in a bright yellow banner. Let’s think about that. Change just for the sake of change is not only foolish, it can be dangerous and costly to Grays Harbor County.

This person, who has no experience or knowledge, has filled social media with what we call “mud slinging” against Janice Louthan, the other candidate, and the Clerk’s Office in general. Her close follower has published articles with untruths against present clerks and Janice.

Research each candidate. There are many resources to obtain firsthand information about all candidates. There have been forums, and KXRO has recorded interviews with each candidate. Be an informed voter. Make up your own mind when you know the truth. Janice Louthan is the qualified person for Grays Harbor County clerk.

Donna Wilson