Museum says thank you

Letter to the Editor

I want to thank the many, many people who helped make the McCleary Museum’s first-ever silent auction a success.

I want to thank Ray Heller for suggesting it, in the first place. And to Kathy Elofson for her guidance and gathering ability! She’s like a magnet for stuff!

Thank you to everyone who donated and to everyone who came and browsed and bought. I cannot possibly name everyone, but you all know who you are.

The Bear Festival Committee did such a good job with the whole Festival, and wasn’t the weather perfect?

We plan to do this again next year and will be participating in the September City-wide garage sale, and as with the silent auction, we will be in the Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall in McCleary. We have hopes of making our local museum a place you and vacationers want to visit.

We all thank you.

Linda Thompson, president; Charles Fattig, vice president and curator; Stephanie Agurkis, treasurer; Ray Heller, secretary; and Nancy Cuyle, museum advisor