Kym Foster will return integrity to the Clerk’s Office

I am writing to show my support for Kym Foster for Grays Harbor County Clerk. Kym has an amazing vision of what she wants to see happen in the Clerk’s Office. She has been doing her homework and reading everything she can, so she can be efficient in her job as county clerk. I have talked with her on many occasions, and I have no doubt about her qualifications. Kym has been out almost daily, meeting the people of Grays Harbor County and listening to what they expect. She is totally devoted to the job, the staff, other county departments and the public.

As a former employee of the Clerk’s Office, I can say it is one of the most hostile work environments within the county. I also found it to be quite embarrassing when victims in criminal cases called me to tell me that their restitution checks had bounced. This problem was due to errors by Kym’s opponent, the current chief deputy clerk. I understand this situation has continued through the years. For example, emails between Kym’s opponent and the bank indicate a time in which an account was $25,000 overdrawn, another instance of an account being $11,000 overdrawn, and still another time of her asking the bank what her own county balance is! I find this negligence unacceptable for a 28-year veteran of the Clerk’s Office.

Kym Foster will change the culture in the Clerk’s Office by putting the community and the employees first. Kym Foster will return integrity and trust to this important county office. Please join me in voting for Kym Foster in this election.

Jean Sheppard