Erin Frasier is a leader in workforce development

Erin Frasier for 19th District

We have a great opportunity to elect a new State Representative in the 19th Legislative District who will actually work for the people of Grays Harbor, Pacific, Wahkiakum, Cowlitz and Lewis counties. Erin Frasier and her family have farmed the land in Lewis County for five generations. She and her husband are raising their two daughters on their family’s cattle farm. Erin has spent her entire career in education and training in Washington state as a workforce development leader and educator. She has devoted her time to getting people back to work and finding opportunities to help people succeed.

Erin believes we need to improve access to quality health care in our communities. She will fight to support local business and to invest in our schools. Erin has been endorsed by local and statewide labor organizations because they know she will defend workers’ rights. What has been proven about Erin is that she will work toward achieving those goals in the legislature, not just talk about them. We have been missing that kind of commitment from the incumbent, Jim Walsh and it is time to elect a strong advocate for the people, Erin Frasier.

Linda Orgel