Dismayed by editor’s missive

I am closing in on 72 years of life experience and recall with fondness a time when the media reported the news and allowed us to make our own judgements regarding it. I consider myself moderately conservative, fairly well educated and blue collar in my upbringing and values. I vote for the candidate rather than the party and I support proposals that match my personal values and seem to make the most sense for my community, state and country.

My wife and I love the Harbor and we love Montesano. For us, the Vidette is not just a weekly newspaper, but a storied pillar in the history of our community.

It would be a gross understatement to say that I was dismayed when I unfolded the Vidette and read the new editor’s front page missive to readers entitled; “Hello, (and) I am not your enemy”. (Aug. 16, 2018)

This was my first experience with a front page editorial and caused me to wonder why, as an opinion piece, it was not placed on the editorial page?

Why the editor should feel it necessary to interpret the actions and words of President Trump for the citizens of Montesano or Grays Harbor and to explain what the President really “means” when he attacks the free press is, from my point of view, both presumptuous and condescending.

Perhaps he fails to realize that we are capable of discerning for ourselves the gross imbalance in the “negative vs positive” coverage given to the Trump administration by many media outlets?

When I look at what the Trump administration has achieved in less than two years I am astounded; significant tax cuts, a reduction in business stifling and job killing regulations, the opening of ANWR (the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) and other areas to energy exploration and production, the effort to fully enforce and revise our country’s immigration laws, the leveling of the playing field for world trade strengthening of our military capability, improved treatment of our veterans and a resurgent economy are all positive development for which I credit the President and his policies.

I also favor President Trump’s support for religious freedom, his insistence upon confronting terrorism and his effort to reduce nuclear threat.

While the President’s past may be legitimate fodder for negative coverage, I do not believe that it should push his many successes from the headlines.

Our new editor’s zeal for ensuring “freedom of the press” and his stated support for the First Amendment are values that I share but I did not support the Boston Globe’s orchestration, or the Vidette’s participation, in denouncing President Trump for his attacks on the press. I believe that fair and honest coverage would eliminate the President’s preoccupation with “fake news”.

Finally, I strongly disagree with the editor’s assertions that “Trump wants ignorant followers” or that is is saying “Trust only me.” Over 14,000 Harborites voted for President Trump. Many of us feel that he is doing everything he can to keep his campaign promises.

In the future, I would prefer that the Vidette focus, as it has historically, upon local events, initiatives and challenges. We already have more than adequate opportunity to observe the rancorous coverage of national and international news events on television and on the internet.

Darrel White