Chris Thomas for auditor

I am writing to you in support of Chris Thomas for the position of Grays Harbor County auditor. I have worked alongside Chris as a city councilman and mayor, as member of the Montesano School Board, and as a member of the Montesano Kiwanis Club. I know he will continue to do the good job he has been doing as the current county auditor. In working with Chris, I have found him to be smart, thoughtful, and articulate. He has lots of good ideas about how to improve processes and service and is a good listener who is open to new ideas and will take the time to hear what you have to say. He is a hard worker who takes the time to learn about issues and how to solve them. I urge the voters to cast their vote in favor of Chris Thomas.

Chris has dedicated himself to public service in our community. He was a city councilman in Montesano for several terms, so he knows the issues that are important to local Grays Harbor citizens. In that role, he continually looked for ways to improve service in a cost-effective way. He studied the issues carefully and was always well informed. He also served on the Montesano School Board, again volunteering his time and energy to serve the citizens of our community. As a member of the Montesano Kiwanis he was active in our club activities including fundraising and community service projects.

Chris has long experience in working in government at the local and state level. He knows how to work collaboratively with other elected officials and manage a productive and responsive organization. He has done a good job as our current county auditor and deserves the chance to continue the good work into the future.

Finally, Chris can be depended upon to operate our elections fairly and justly, assuring that everyone gets their opportunity as a citizen to participate.

I whole heartedly offer my support to Chris Thomas and hope other voters will join me in voting for him.

Dick Stone