Celebrating Annmarie Chambers

Celebrating Annmarie Chambers

(In April,) Annmarie Margarite Chambers, age 40, passed away quietly. Regrettably, in so far as we can determine, her death was not acknowledged in any of the local newspapers. We only learned of her passing via social media. As a consequence, my wife and I are prompted to write briefly on her behalf, since as a care provider she professionally and ethically made a significant contribution to our family.

As the health of my wife’s elderly mother, Dolores Mode, declined, we searched, at times frantically, for several months to find quality at-home care. Thankfully, we discovered Annmarie in our very midst. She was both experienced and accomplished in her profession. Thankfully, during the period from 2013-14, Annmarie used her considerable caregiver talent and skill to make the final two years of Dolores’ life tolerable and, at times, even joyful.

Among her assorted attributes, Annmarie was also an excellent cook. In addition to the many strenuous tasks ascribed to a care provider, she prepared excellent meals, which Dolores enjoyed to the end of life.

In addition to our family, Annmarie Chambers was, by all accounts, an extraordinary care provider to many other families on the Harbor. In our small way we want to uplift Annmarie, because we believe strongly that she made a difference and her life should be celebrated.

Jerry and Lyndene Fritts