Grays Harbor became a fourth-class county, commissioners said 100 years ago

Pages of the Past for Jan. 17, 2019.

  • Jan 17th, 2019


                                Chainsaw artist Brandon Levesque, owner of BAD Yard Art near Hoquiam, created many of his signature bears out of wood from trees felled by the tornado.

Chain-saw artists gather in Port Orchard to create joy from tornado’s devastation

On Dec. 18, a rare tornado struck Port Orchard, a community of…


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Area community center menus for the week beginning Jan. 17.

  • Jan 17th, 2019


The country is “going to the dogs,” people complained 125 years ago.

Advice from 125 years ago: Don’t try to make people believe you are a Christian, simply because you can make long prayers and shed a few tears, and yet never try to help the poor or suffering.

  • Jan 10th, 2019

Community center lunch menus for Jan. 3, 2019

What’s for lunch?

  • Jan 3rd, 2019

2018 favorites, plus the best to expect in 2019

If there was something about 2018 that wasn’t terrible, it was the movies.

  • Jan 3rd, 2019

Bryant: A look back, and a leap forward

My head is still reeling, and it’s not from a New Year’s Eve party.

  • Jan 2nd, 2019

We can set positive, attainable New Year’s resolutions

It’s almost New Year’s Eve, and you know what that means: resolutions!

  • Dec 31st, 2018

Montesano crowd parties at Elma ball, 125 years ago

Pages of the Past for Dec. 27, 2018.

  • Dec 27th, 2018

Community center menus

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  • Dec 20th, 2018

Elma Debate Club decides “there should be no titles to land except for occupation and cultivation,” 125 years ago this week

About 100 years ago, the state thought hunters could eradicate coyotes from Western Washington.

  • Dec 20th, 2018

‘Into the Spider-Verse has thrills, humor and heart

Spider-Woman’s character is worthy of a spin-off if Marvel and Sony want to keep printing money

  • Dec 24th, 2018

What’s for lunch

Check out upcoming meals at area community centers.

  • Dec 13th, 2018

Events around Grays Harbor County

Aberdeen Olympians Hiking Club members will leave the DSHS parking lot at…

  • Dec 13th, 2018

Influenza pandemic took a turn for the worse in Montesano, 100 years ago this week.

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  • Dec 13th, 2018

‘It’s a Wonderful Life’: from box-office failure to holiday classic

In some respects, it’s a shame that “It’s a Wonderful Life” has been pigeonholed as a Christmas classic.

  • Dec 12th, 2018

Complaints over leftover turkey made paper 100 years ago

Pages of the Past for Dec. 6, 2018.

  • Dec 6th, 2018

What’s for lunch?

Lunch menus at area community centers beginning on Nov. 29, 2018.

  • Nov 29th, 2018

Southwest Washington editor has gone insane, paper reports 125 years ago.

Pages from the Past for Nov. 29, 2018

  • Nov 28th, 2018

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is a champion

The general legend of Queen and its larger-than-life lead singer, Freddie Mercury, is told with as much grandiose theatricality as the band itself.

  • Nov 22nd, 2018