The Fishing Corner: Long Independance Day weekend rife with fishing opportunities

The Fishing Corner

By Larry Dublanko

The Fourth of July falling on a Thursday this year can alter get away plans. It can make a difference when it comes to planning a fishing outing. Some will have the luxury of a free Friday and consequently have a super long weekend. Others only get today off and their break is broken up with a work day in between.

Having said all this, the lakes received a plant boost which will enhance the trout population in prime locations, such as Lake Sylvia. Other lakes are ready for action as well.

On the river scene, anglers are pursuing steelhead. We have just passed the longest day of the year, which is giving anglers an extended amount of daylight hours to pursue fish. When it comes to steelhead, light may not be a good thing. Steelhead are becoming wary of predators; and therefore, they are concealing themselves. They remain under cover for most of the day. This is why anglers do best at daybreak or sundown. It is even more advantageous to fish the hours before daybreak and after sundown since these fish are less apt to be skittish at that time. Of course, this puts more strain on the fisher since they will be deprived of sleep at both ends of the day. Keeping the pace of early awakenings and late night sleep can actually cause one to get very weary.

The state of Washington is a 24 hour fishing state when it comes to game fish. Our game fish can become quite elusive during the daylight hours; so, this rule is very helpful when it comes to fishing game fish in our state.

The biggest attraction for anglers will be salmon fishing in the ocean. The recent opening of all four marine areas will give fishers many location options. Of course, our area (Marine Area 2) gets a lot of fishing pressure and rightly so. Whether anglers use private vessels or rely on charter boats, the action will no doubt pick up today. Sunday will also be a big day for salmon fishing.

Closely related to this fishery is surf fishing off the jetties or from the ocean shoreline itself. Anglers tend to seize the moment when traveling to the beach; and it wouldn’t be any different when it comes to this holiday weekend.

It may be of interest to anglers this year that there are three areas where anglers may legally fish with either a freshwater, saltwater or combination license. These locations are Grays Harbor (Marine Area 2-2), Willapa Bay (Marine Area 2-1), and the Columbia River between a line from Rocky Point on the Washington shore to Tongue Point on the Oregon shore and the Buoy 10 line.

So, as the weekend approaches and plans are being made, for many, fishing will be a big part of those arrangements.