Elma trails Rainer in home meet

Elma hosted on Sept. 15

Rainier came away with victories on the boys and girls side at a non-league cross country meet at Elma on Thursday, Sept. 15.

The Mountaineers’ Elaine Hansen crossed the line first in the girls race in 23:13 to help pace Rainier to a total of 21 points on the 3.35K course. On the boys side, Rainier’s Brighton Klein ran the course in 20:18 to win the meet and help the Mounties to a 31-point total and a first-place finish as a team.

Hoquiam finished second as a team on the girls side with a total of 37 points. Alexis Delahanty paced the Grizzlies with a time of 26:52 to finish third.

The Grizzlies finished with 61 points in second place in the boys race, just four points ahead of Elma. Elma’s Dylan Volz had the low time for Grays Harbor participants at 20:47 to finish second, just ahead of Hoquiam’s Carlos Juarez, who placed third at 21:11.

“I was happy with how the boys ran,” Elma coach Dave Beeler said. “We were without two of our top-five boys. It is early in the season, but I thought the kids ran tough.”

Beeler cited Volz and Tyler Bristow for their performances.

Elma competed at the Seaside Three-Course Challenge in Seaside, Ore., Saturday, Sept. 17.


Rainier 21, Hoquiam 37.

Top 5

1. Elaine Hansen (Rainier), 23:13. 2. Sophie Beadle (Rainier), 25:25. 3. Alexis Delahanty (Hoq), 26:52. 4. Leslie Camacho (Rainier), 27:16. 5. Lucy Roloff (Hoq), 27:32.

(Locals only)

9. Savanah Lutz (Hoq), 28:32. 10. Jessica Goulet (Hoq), 29:14. 11. Payron Parshall (Hoq), 29:14. 15. Madison German (Hoq), 30:25.


Rainier 31, Hoquiam 61, Elma 65, Tenino 75.

Top 5

1. Brighton Klein (Rainier), 20:18. 2. Dylan Volz (Elma), 20:47. 3. Carlos Juarez (Hoq), 21:11. 4. Ethan McFarland (Rainier), 20:16. 5. Kellon Pearson (Tenino), 21:30.

(Locals only)

8. Gunner Jones (Elma), 22:09. 10. Oscar Joya (Hoq) 22:22. 13. Josiah Louder (Hoq), 22:32. 14. Tyler Birstow (Elma) 22:44. 19. Alex Tonko (Hoq), 23:12. 20. Lutra Felton (Hoq), 23:13. 21. Gabe Belcher (Elma), 23:51. 22. Andres Vasquez (Hoq), 23:51. 24. Alex Houbergs (Hoq), 24:18. 25. Luke Osgood (Elma), 24:24. 29. Devin Drake (Hoq), 24:51. 30. Hunter Moore (Hoq) 25:19. 31. Nick Mori (Hoq), 25:33.