Simpson Says: Fun things around school this month include lots of short days and days off

A student checks in every month to let community know of activites, education and fun at elementary school.

By Margie Taylor

Mr. Martin’s class

November is a really fun month for Simpson Elementary School. There are a lot of exciting things we did and a lot of activities. There were a couple times we got out early in the month of November. OK, let’s figure out the fun activities and times when we got out early.

The times that we got out early were Nov. 5-8 for conference week. There also are two times when we have no school. One time was on Nov. 11 for Veterans Day. We also have no school Nov. 28 and 29 for Thanksgiving break.

We had the Scholastic Book Fair going on through conference week. It was a great time to get books. Hopefully everyone is enjoying their new books. The theme of the Book Fair this year was “The Arctic.” The Scholastic Book Fair was fun!

The Bulldogs of the month for October are: Presley P., Kaylin O., Aden W., Graci F., Lucas G., Kale K., Jaden S., Stevie C., Lainey R., Taylor G., Kale S., Thor B., Eden I., Molly K., Liam E., Hunter M., Parker W. and Margie T. Congratulations to the Bulldogs of the month. Wow, that’s a lot of students doing a great job.

The word of the month for October was “respect” and the word of the month for November is “citizenship.”