OPINION: Fall brings football; school celebrates Homecoming

Braden Dohrmann is a high school freshman who writes about life at MHS in his column Dog Dayz.

Welcome back to this month’s edition of Dog Dayz.

As you know, school is back in session. It’s only around 200 days until next summer.

As I write, it is Homecoming week. So far it has been pretty fun. We got to decorate our halls, and the faculty gets to vote for the best. I personally think we freshmen have a great chance at winning. Our theme was Red Carpet: Hollywood. A couple others and I made a big Hollywood sign at the end of our hall, and it almost looks real.

Also, over the Homecoming week we had Spirit Days. On Monday, Sept. 26, was pajama day, (which made for a comfy day). Tuesday was twin day (there were some hilarious costumes). Wednesday was Class Color Day, and freshmen are red, which is why we picked Red Carpet: Hollywood. Thursday was nerd day, and Friday was Bulldog Friday.

To add to the fun over the week, on Monday the Homecoming Court was announced. There was one couple from the freshmen, sophomore, and junior classes, and five couples from the senior class. Also, on Wednesday we had a Homecoming parade. It was awesome. I was on the football team’s float, and it was a blast. During the parade we got off the float, ran through the Beehive, and did a little performance for the crowd out in the middle of the intersection. It was pretty cool getting to be one of the players doing it, after watching them all of these years. It made me realize again how much community pride we have in this town. We then had great weather for the bonfire at the end of the parade. It was a night to remember.

Since I am writing about this before Friday (Sept. 30), I won’t be able to tell you how it went, but me and my fellow freshmen football players get to suit up for the Homecoming varsity game against Forks. Next month, I will let you know how it went, and if I got to play.

I will also let you know how the Homecoming dance itself went. I’m excited. Although I’m not much of a dressing up kind of guy. I probably wear shorts four out of five days a week. That’s just who I am. However, in the end I am super excited for the dance, and I think it will be fun.

High school is much different from junior high. First of all, we’re on the other side of the school. Another huge difference is having open campus at lunch. It’s nice, because I can eat wherever I’d like, or even walk down to Westside or Subway. It’ll be even better when I’m old enough to drive to those places, so I won’t be in such a big hurry. So far I have enjoyed my classes and my teachers. I’m taking Washington State history, biology, digital media, honors English, weight training, and geometry. For me, the day goes by pretty quick, and then off to football.

In sports this year, Montesano has been very successful. The varsity football team is undefeated and are looking like they’re going to stay that way all year. The girls soccer and volleyball teams are also both doing very well, and have some state championship runs in their future. In boys golf and cross country there are some certain grinders that have a great chance at making it to state. Fall sports are going well and I will keep you updated as the season goes on.

While there hasn’t been much time for other things in life, I have done a few fun things. I’m going to church every Sunday I can, and watching football on any Saturday and Sunday I can. I love fall because football is on every weekend.

Last week my friend took me to Corvallis, Ore., to watch the Oregon State Beaversntake on the Boise State Broncos. It was a great game, ending in a Boise State win by about two touchdowns. What made it extra awesome was that we were in the Boise State fan section. We were super loud and helped the “Big Blue” get the win. A definite highlight to my month.

It was a good month of school and football and hopefully it’ll stay that way for the months to come. Thanks for reading. Go ’Dogs.