LETTER: Stick with winners, not sore losers

Dear Editor:

I have been reading in The Vidette letters to the editor from Doug Iverson, Ken Estes, Pat Wadsworth and Ian Cope.

Doug and Ken are sore losers who complain about everything that our mayor and city council are doing to correct problems caused by those two ex mayors, like the general fund budget and the morale of all of the city departments. We now have some money to fix our streets and sidewalks and gwe’re getting grant money to do things to improve our city.

Pat and Ian told us what is really going on. Our mayor and council are listening to the citizens to come up with the best things to improve our city.

Montesano has always had more winners than losers. Let’s keep the trend going.

We need to keep the right people on the council to keep our city going forward.

Jim Hliboki