LETTER: Monte residents support Raines for re-election

A letter to the editor

Monte residents tab Raines for re-election

Dear Editor:

County Commissioner Vickie Raines held her announcement event recently for her re-election campaign this year. I wanted to tell my Vickie story before all the usual craziness starts. As it always does.

Tragedy can and does visit us all. Often in ways we can not suspect, let alone plan for. For our family it was devastating.

Last winter, one of our relatives was attacked in Aberdeen and robbed of a considerable amount of money in his home. Brutally beaten and kicked in the head repeatedly. He was left unconscious, bleeding, choking for hours and near death. According to responding medical, a matter of minutes. It was only by pure luck that someone came to his door and looked through the windows.

The head and brain swelling injuries were so severe, once he came to and the tubes removed, he didn’t know who or where he was and became violent. Unable to recognize pictures of his children or sister at his bedside. A complete break with reality and discharged onto the streets a week later. Without notifying family by-the-way. He was immediately attacked wandering the streets and back in the hospital several times with more head injuries. Unable to keep clothes on, a virtual wild man on the streets. I can’t express how bad it was.

Our family was in and out of local police departments begging for help. Begging for help from social service agencies. We even filed a petition with Superior Court (Joel’s Law) to have him picked up as he was a danger to himself and others. No help anywhere. It turns out before the Court will file to have someone picked up and evaluated, they must first be picked up and evaluated. I’m not making this up.

We were in fear for his life or the life of others as he was in such a break with reality. In desperation, we turned to Commissioner Raines due to her work with trying to help people that are unable to help themselves.

It wasn’t her job. Yet, she jumped in with both feet. Less then 24 hours later he was off the streets and in a holding room with a lock on the door at the hospital. A room at a facility was found up near Seattle as our local hospital isn’t equipped to deal with it. Of course they didn’t do the paperwork right and he was again dumped on the streets up near Seattle on a Friday night and was lost for another week. Beaten, attacked, arrested and more. Of note, the facility called us to tell us they forgot to give him his medication or call anyone, and if we ever see him…

Vickie again got involved and a state-wide search began. It ended well, and he is now in the Olympia area under care and the family is coping.

Let me be clear. If it wasn’t for Commissioner Raines, he would be dead or have injured someone else. Come to find out, there are a lot of people around here with similar stories and grateful for the help Vickie provides when and where she can. You just don’t hear about it.

Vickie is currently involved with trying to get a facility going here in the county with some beds to help those that need it the most. Those falling through the cracks and unable to help themselves. You have all read about it here in the paper.

We expect a lot from our elected officials. Sometimes too much. When we need help, and there is nowhere to turn. Vickie Raines is there.

Do I support the re-election of Vickie Raines to the post of County Commissioner? Of course. We couldn’t do any better. However, in my opinion, it’s time to start talking to her about higher office. And I mean Congress.

Tom and Linda Fredriksen