LETTER: Monte needs City Hall for The People

Dear Editor:

Finally, the public gets to have some public input on the proposed roundabout.

On Oct. 30, we get to have some of our questions answered regarding the proposed “traffic revision.” Does anybody remember this being presented as a “traffic revision?” If you recall, the only thing that we got was a drawing with a roundabout and a rest area, with no detailed explanation in the Mayor’s letter attached to our utility bill.

Where did this idea originate? Is a “traffic revision” even needed? Why is the city spending who-knows-how-much on this plan? If you recall, there was an effort to get some of these questions answered, but all we got was stonewalling from the Mayor and city council.

Those of you who attended the May 9 city council meeting can attest to that. Despite a standing room only crowd, none of the questions were answered. The Mayor and city council were presented with a petition signed by nearly 300 residents demonstrating their disapproval of the roundabout/rest area project, still no reaction or information offered.

For an administration promising transparency this was especially disappointing. Was this by design or just an oversight?

Now we are informed that there is a meeting scheduled for Oct. 30 for public input on the “traffic revision.” Where was the public input before the city spent the money?

We may get some answers to our questions, but this is in the final stages of the planning. The state Department of Transportation is the group that will make the final decisions, but why did it get this far in the first place?

City Hall is not representing the people of this town. They are turning a deaf ear to the public and promoting their own interests. It is time to replace those responsible for this type of governing.

There is an election coming up and we urge you to replace the incumbents. We understand that the Montesano Community Center is sponsoring a Candidate Forum to introduce the candidates. Plan to attend and decide for yourself who you want representing you. It is time that we elect officials who listen to us, the people. Self-promoting needs to end and representing the people needs to be restored.

This can begin by electing a city council that listens to its constituents.

This letter was written by two former mayors who want to see a City Hall that is responsive to its citizens.

Doug Iverson and Ken Estes