LETTER: Gordon is ‘man of the people’

Dear Editor:

Re-elect Frank Gordon for county commissioner.

He is truly “of the people and for the people.”

Frank knows the county’s issues, problems and the strengths. Our people are the greatest treasure. Our county’s future depends on our residents.

Frnak recognizes each member of the county and he works diligently to find solutions that will benefit all of us. Frank Gordon is the most qualiified to be our county commissioner. He was a successful business owner. He has the skilsl that are necessary to begin and successfully end projects.

He knows how to control expenses and maximize whatever funds exist.

Frank is a man of integrity and honesty.

He recognizes that he is part of the team that is responsible for our entire, not just his district. He responds to tall concerns and works hard to find solutions to whatever the problem is.

Frank is one of us. He is a blue-collar man. He knows daily struggles of the average citizen.

We have invested nearly four years of time and input and salary averaging about $75,000 per year to insure that Frank is by far the most experienced and qualified to continue the work that needs to be done.

Frank is concerned about the fishing industry and the potential devastating damage of any crude oil spills or explosions. Such an event would destroy all marine resources plus damaging our community and our people.

The tsunami exit plan is for the safety of all residents and visitors beginning at Westport and coming into Aberdeen. There you have two potential routes to safety — the Wishkah Road is one fo teh two exit routes. However, there si a real possibility that a king tide and a storm might have made the Wishkah Road impassable, potentially trapping hundreds of people just outside Aberdeen city limits.

Frank Gordon has worked four-plus years on teh Wishkah Road Project. We need Frank Gordon to be re-elected to insure completion of this project.

Vote Frank Gordon to keep him in office.

Nancy Perron