LETTER: Ban assault weapons

A letter to the editor of The Vidette

Ban assault weapons

Dear editor:

We, as adults and as a nation should be ashamed and embarrassed for placing NRA’s agenda before providing a safe learning school environment for our children.

While our law makers are being bribed by NRA in the name of “protecting Second Amendment” children are being murdered time and time again with weapons designed for mass killing with history going back to Hitler during WWII.

Regardless of where one lives, there will always be people afflicted with mental health disease, like any other medical disease. Rarely people with mental health diseases have violent potentials. Grouping all people with mental health disorder and demonizing them will not prevent any more tragic mass killings using assault weapons.

Let us stop the excuses of mental health disease, lack in security, faults in background checks, broken FBI procedures and everything else but the easy access to assault weapons. As long as there is access to semi-automatic guns, there will be massacres using these weapons.

Medical scientists have not found ways to prevent or predict anyone with severe violent tendencies. But our lawmakers have every power to prevent mass killing of our young children and adults using assault weapons designed for the battlefield.

Assault weapons have no role in a civilized society and must be banned. Let us make an absolute priority to protect our precious children and grandchildren before placing NRA first and protecting pleasures of target shooting and hunting using semi-automatic weapons.

Clara C. Shin MD