Hepworth not to be forgotten

Dear Editor:

Rick Anderson’s piece on John Donahue omits mention of another big man who played for Coach Donahue — Chuck Hepworth. Chuck, who graduated in 1961 and went on to play two years at Grays Harbor College and two more at Central Washington, was 6’5” (or 5’17” as I once heard him say). Lean, strong, broad shouldered with a big frame, Chuck was a powerful player in the paint. Don Fry, the 6 foot center for the Bulldogs in 1961, lamented after a loss to Chuck’s Eagles that the top of his head was sore from hitting Chuck’s elbows as Chuck came down with rebound after rebound.

One other Hepworth memory: In 1963, I watched Chuck lead his GHC team to an upset win over the UW frosh team that simply could not stop the big guy.

Bill​ Collins​

​Olympia, WA​