Yard work, wind causes house fire on Sunday

Use caution when doing yard work on a windy day, because it could be the reason a home is destroyed.

Aberdeen and Hoquiam firefighters were sent at 1:45 p.m., on Sunday, April 17, to a structure fire in the 1600 block of Sumner Ave., according to an Aberdeen Fire Department report on the incident.

The person, who was inside the home when the fire started, was not injured.

When the firefighters arrived they saw light smoke that was coming from the back of the residence. But, there was more to the fire than that.

“Upon further investigation, (they) discovered an active wall and crawlspace fire,” the report read. “Multiple walls inside and outside the structure were opened up to access the fire and extinguish (it.)”

The fire was controlled in about 25 minutes, and the home — worth $120,000 — received about $15,000 in damage, according to the statement.

Firefighters learned the person inside the home had been using a propane weed burner behind the house before the fire started.

“Fifteen minutes later, he was inside the house and smelled smoke,” the statement read.

The man went outside to discover the siding on fire, so he sprayed the siding with a garden hose and called 911.

“After investigation, it was determined that winds had driven burned material from weed burning into the vinyl siding and (the) exterior wall, (which) started the home on fire,” according to the report.

AFD urges homeowners use extreme caution when using propane weed burners within the city limits.

“We have responded to structure fires caused by these devices in the past,” the report read. “It is recommended to keep a safe distance from structures and only use such devices on windless days.”

Twelve firefighters worked on the scene, with 10 from Aberdeen and two from Hoquiam. The response included one command unit, three engines, and one medic unit.