Pick-Rite Thiftway hosted bakery event for children on June 18

For kids throughout Grays Harbor County that were looking for a last-minute present to give to their dads on Father’s Day; a local shop in Montesano was your best bet.

On Saturday, June 18, Pick-Rite Thriftway hosted a “Just for Dad!” event where parents can bring their kids to the bakery to personally decorate a large heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie or a single layer heart shaped cake to give to their dad.

Marc Galland, owner of Pick-Rite Thriftway, said this is the first time they are doing this event for Father’s Day after years of seeing successful customer turnouts for Mother’s Day.

“We used to hold this same type of event in the bakery every year before COVID-19 for Mother’s Day,” Galland explained. “After we had a good turnout this year for Mother’s Day, we thought it would be nice for the kids to give something to their dads.”

Galland went on to explain that the kids will get to work with the baker to decorate their fresh-baked goods any way they would like and will cost $6.99 for any dessert that is made by the kids.

For people who were interested in taking part in the Father’s Day event, the bakery inside Pick-Rite Thriftway hosted the occasion from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and is located at 211 Pioneer Ave E., in Montesano.