Garage Sale Days brings crowds to Elma

As the old saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” In this instance, that phrase couldn’t be any truer for one city in the east Grays Harbor County region.

The Elma Chamber of Commerce put together their city-wide Garage Sale Days event for everyone to participate in for the weekend. Residents, businesses, and community organizations scattered throughout Elma were engaged in the program.

Jillanna Bickford, Director of the Chamber of Commerce, said the garage sale event, which has been going on for the last decade, helps people in multiple facets.

“Obviously, one of the big reasons we do it is to help people get rid of stuff they don’t have a use for anymore. Most of the stuff that is sold is basic household items and miscellaneous things,” Bickford explained. “We do have some businesses and organizations that set up their stuff around the chamber building to help raise funds for charities and group activities, such as the Cub Scouts.”

Some of the businesses that participated in the weekend event was Twin Harbors Wildlife Center, Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church, Rolling Thunder, and Garden Time Nursery, among other businesses.

Bickford went on to say that one of the businesses participating in the garage sales will be donating all proceeds to charities that help those affected by the war in Ukraine and that one of the City Council members will be donating all proceeds to a firefighter cancer support charity. She also says that 60 registered addresses will be involved in the weekend event and that it’s a better turnout than last year.

“Last year, the event happened to fall during the weekend that the state was hit with triple-digit temperatures and people had to close their garage sales early because of the heat. So, we’re glad to see this year could be a good improvement in terms of turnout,” Bickford said.

While most of the registered addresses are in city limits, Bickford estimates that roughly 40 percent of them are a couple of miles outside of the city, but nothing that shouldn’t be seen as tedious.

For people who were interested in going to the Garage Sale Days in Elma, the event was held on from Friday, June 24, through Sunday, June 26. Maps showing where all the registered garage sale addresses were available on Thursday, June 23, at the Chamber of Commerce building at 222 W. Main St. Digital maps can also be obtained at and on the Elma Chamber of Commerce Facebook page.