Railroad comes one step closer to Aberdeen in 1894

Pages of the Past for July 11, 2019.

125 years ago

July 13, 1894

The game of ball advertised for Wednesday afternoon between the Montesano and the Stanford university team, the amateur champions of the Pacific coast, did not take place. Complete arrangements had been made for the contest, and it was expected to come off until Wednesday morning, when a telegram was received from the manager of the Stanfords, stating that on account of the railroad strike that they could not come down.

This announcement was a severe blow to Montesano people and a great many others in the country. Two boat loads of people were then on the way from Aberdeen and Hoquiam, a number had arrived by the morning train, and the steamer Montesano, which had been chartered by the Montesano ball club, would have run from the harbor towns, and would have brought up a crowd limited only by her carrying capacity.


It is likely that Aberdeen will soon have direct railroad connection with the outside world. In addition to the donation by many business men, Alexander Polson had agreed to donate half the ties needed, and all citizens are willing to do their share.


T.H. Simpson, who left Montesano a few weeks ago to locate in Medford, Ore., has moved to Ashland. Tom says business prospects are better in Ashland, but we all know what takes him there.

100 years ago

July 11, 1919

It was a Montesano boy who sawed a cut off the toughest 3-foot log loggers say they ever tackled in 3 minutes, 42 3/4 seconds — Ernest Roberts, formerly for many years a county employee and now with the E.B. Logging Company.

The sawing contest was the first big event of the celebration. The purse for the log sawing was $50, which was split $30 and $20 in first and second prizes.


Three deputy sheriffs from Seattle were here for a few days in connection with the murder of a taxi cab driver between Seattle and Tacoma Sunday night. The auto of the murdered driver was found near McCleary stripped and burned and the tires hidden in the brush alongside the road. The men could not get any information which they were looking for so left in a day or so.


Marie Olson and Vida Gibson have been peeling bark on the North River and returned two nights ago, reporting a very enjoyable and profitable time.


Mr. and Mrs. W.H. France and family have gone to their cottage at Hood’s Canal to spend the Fourth and the weekend.

75 years ago

July 13, 1944

Letter from the Montesano Chamber of Commerce to Major Ruben H. Fleet, Consolidated Aircraft Corporation, San Diego, California:

Dear Major Fleet:

Last Tuesday, Montesano bond buyers went over the top of its 5th War Loan quota to the extent that our people immediately continued their bond buying effort until today. We are definitely over the $500,000 goal and have gained the privilege of becoming the sponsors for the purchase of a Consolidated heavy bomber for the Army Air Forces in the name of the citizens of Montesano.

In accordance with our request we have been advised by William C. H. Lewis of the U.S. Treasury Department that a decalcomania will be made up and sent to Washington, D.C., for transmission to the Air Force to be placed on the bomber and that a duplicate of this decalcomania will be provided to the City of Montesano where it can be placed in the City Hall for historical record of the patriotic action of our people in support of the war effort at this time.

We have the honor of requesting that you, as a citizen born in Montesano, and as a leader in the aeronautical field of this Nation, represent us in placing on the bomber made by Consolidated the above symbol and that if possible, you have for us the privilege of naming that bomber the “Spirit of Montesano.”

50 years ago

July 10, 1969

Summer picnic recipe for Fresh Fruit Compot: The compote may be made in advance and packed in a firmly closed bowl or canister, or you may carry the unpeeled fruits along and prepare the ingredients upon arrival. Cut the bite-size pieces of melons, mix with mandarin oranges, apples, strawberries or blueberries. For quick dressing, simply pour over all a clear sparkling beverage (7-UP or Fresca) for cool, zippy taste.


Hamburgers for breakfast?

“Why not?” asks nutritionist Frances Hall of Chicago. “Especially where young people are concerned, the important thing is to get enough of the right nutrients into them at breakfast. One of the excuses they use for skipping or skimping at breakfast is the monotony … they’re tired of the ‘same old thing.’ ”

Mrs. Hall, assistant director of nutrition research of the National Live Stock and Meat Board (and mother of two college students) observes that there’s nothing nutritionally wrong with “the same old thing” … if that happens to be eggs and/or bacon or sausage and/or milk and fruit.

“But you don’t have to belong to the mod generation to know traditions are being broken all over the place … including so-called established food patterns,” she said. “Look how many people are eating breakfast-type foods, like eggs and pancakes, for supper; cereals for lunch, etc. All of us should get a fourth to a third of our daily required nutrients at breakfast.”

25 years ago

July 14, 1994

Two issues, both highly charged with emotions, came before Montesano’s city council members Tuesday evening when they wrestled with what to do about the demolition bids on the old sewer treatment plant on S. Main Street, and what to do about accepting or refusing the new police chief qualifications list.

In the first instance, Jay Sterling presented the council with a list of uses that the sewer plant site and buildings could be utilized for, uses such as a children’s activity center, a teen activity center, a senior activity center, a regional tourist information center, a Tree Farm display and interpretive center, city offices and public restrooms.

However, City Attorney Dan Glenn cautioned the council about considering any facility that would accommodate the public when he noted, “Other cities had some serious problems when they had to deal with city property that had been contaminated. Obviously the sewer plant has been contaminated, and if the site were to become a public facility, then the city would have some environmental problems to deal with.”

… As far as the police chief qualifications are concerned, the council, after an emotional discussion, decided to adopt the list as it was presented. However, Councilman Jim Hagarty had some serious doubts about the fact that the mayor could, at the last minute, insert a candidate for the job who had not gone through the basic interview and written test of the process.

10 years ago

July 9, 2009

Unmarked black SUVs, a white helicopter and federal and local law enforcement agents swarmed an Elma area residence last month as part of a multi-state drug bust.

Neighbors described a flurry of activity involving unmarked vehicles — including the helicopter — and Grays Harbor deputies near the intersection of U.S. Highways 12 and 8 on Saturday, June 13.

Three men were arrested in Elma that day, but sheriff’s office and Drug Enforcement Administration spokesmen at the time merely confirmed that the action was part of an ongoing investigation and did not release any details of the incident, including names of those arrested or the nature of the investigation.

On July 2, the DEA announced the arrest of 31 people following a lengthy investigation into a drug trafficking organization that allegedly supplied methamphetamine and cocaine from Mexico for distribution in Washington.

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