Marriage license applicants

Recent applications received for marriage licenses

Katlin A. Smith, 20, and Jacob S. Oliver, 21, both of Hoquiam.

Susan E. German, 48, and Johnathan M. Asker Jr., 49, both of Hoquiam.

Lyle McCrackin, 33, Jenny L. Belcher, 30, both of Hoquiam.

Robert Charles Yucha, 35, and Megan Marie Byrd, 28, both of Westport.

Melissa Garcia, 25, and Augustine Solis Munoz, 27, both of Westport.

Clarissa Ann Rapp, 23, and Jacob Ray Wygal, 27, both of Hoquiam.

James Desean Lockard Sr., 44, and Tami Sue Huff, 42, both of Ocean Shores.

Jeffrey David Ramsey, 51, Shannon Lee Webster, 47, both of Hoquiam.

Efrain Hernandez Martinez, 23, and Selena Caritina Gomez, 19, both of Aberdeen.

Diane E. Davis, 42, and Larry L. Mudgett, 55, both of Hoquiam.

Randy G. Beerbower, 54, and Pamela M. Bryson, 53, both of Aberdeen.

Donald Brown, 34, and Kirsten Goings, 35, both of Aberdeen.

Brandi N. Mariano, 32, and Jeffery A. Hernandez, 25, both of Montesano.

Eric Patrick Jones, 43, and Candice Marie Marken, 36, both of Hoquiam.

Robert Ryan Mirante, 29, of Westport and Anna Grace Lichty, 24, of Cosmopolis.

Tiffany Rae Queer, 34, and Amilcar Aguirre, 34, both of Aberdeen.

Juan Guzman, 40, and Ofelia Isidro, 39, both of Aberdeen.

Josefinn Garcia Garcia, 39, and Humberto Benitez Noqueda.

Coral Herrera Montealegre, 33, of Centralia, and Colbert Alfredo Salmeron, 30, of Aberdeen.

Rebecca Fadaoss, 30, Mathew Wharton, 31, both of Montesano.

Brian David Whalen, 52, Marla Dee Dawson, 46, both of Elma.

William Kenneth Cook, 44, and Nichelle Christine Alarid, 46, both of Ocean Shores.

Chantel Grace Vanham, 28, and Christopher Charles Impey, 28, both of Hoquiam.

Seth Tyler Madison, 22, and Tawnee Marie Gibbons, 23, both of Hoquiam.

Kimberly A. Gibson, 43, of Montesano, and Chauce R. Arrats, of Post Falls, Idaho.

Myra L. Keel, 44, of Hoquiam, and Patricia J. Lewis, 40, of Elma.

Shawn Michael Pattison-Ball, 34, and Ashley Elizabeth Roose, 31, both of Aberdeen.

Walter James Catterlin, 42, of McCleary, and April Ann Pearl, 29, of Elma.

Antonio Goncalves, 50, and Kelly Jo Downing, 52, both of Elma.

Alam Myung, 35, and Mihyang Choi, 30, both of Ocean Shores.

Andrea Whitford, 27, and Kyle Konrad, 29, both of Elma.

Brandon Tyler Lemieux, 31, and Shyrene Victorino, 21, both of Cosmopolis.

Josefina Perez Martinez, 32, and Luis Diaz Lopez, 35, both of Elma.

Brandon Marshal Ruder, 19, and Briana Nichole Morey, 19, both of Hoquiam.

Gus Dean Fredrickson, 55, and Erica Joy Pearson, 45, both of Oakville.

Collin Wintjen, 47, of Gig Harbor, and Suzy Roehr, 43, of Gearhart, Ore.

Felicia B. Mosqueda, 31, and Monico Leal, 32, both of Aberdeen.

Garson Wellington Shortt, 38, and Andria Marie Klatush Hawkes, 41, both of Aberdeen.

Roseann Sampson, 67, and John W. Mail, 70, both of Taholah.

Carrie Sue Marie Miller, 23, and Matthew S. Knutson, 27, both of Aberdeen.

Jeffrey Allen York, 41, of Aberdeen, and Kimberly A. Beattly, 45, of Ocean Shores.

Amanda Jane Lundgren, 49, and Kevin Bruce Quimb, 53, both of Aberdeen.

Charles D. Bowman, 34, of Montesano, and Lindsey Spargo, 32, of Aberdeen.

Jane Elizabeth Brumfield, 68, and James Lewis Valentine, 76, both of Montesano.

Carrie Lane Carriker, 23, and Robert C. Firth, 22, both of Montesano.

Jean Marie Holman, 37, and Teddy Steven Olson, 42, both of Humptulips.

Francisco J. Torres Quezada, 34, and Silvia Torres Diaz, 29, both of Elma.

Leah Ann Johanson, 28, of Elma, and Hicham Lamsouguer, 39, of Aberdeen.

Ronald Manning Albert, 67, and Shirley La Dene Carson, 55, both of Hoquiam.

Cassandra Kay Holbrook, 34, and Barry Eugene Nelson, 45, both of Elma.

Alice Simonson, 30, and Keanen John Bouch, 34, both of Hoquiam.

Dawna Lorraine Norton, 36, and Robert Paul Gilliam Jr., 34, both of Westport.

Marie G. Nieves, 21, of Aberdeen, and William A. Miranda Ortiz, 25, of Hoquiam.

Stephanie K. Rasler, 25, and Kyle R. Hoffman, 24, both of Aberdeen.

Nathan O. Barker-House, 22, and Samantha J. Buswell, 21, both of Aberdeen.

Angelette J. Timberman-Holmes, 60, and Robert C. Kinnaman, 43, both of Copalis Crossing.

Zachary Taylor Johnson, 22, and Kaylee Rose Johnson, 17, both of Aberdeen.

Kimberly Virginia Carnley, 42, and Gerry Lee Rayon, 46, both of Elma.

Rayonna C. Tobin, 39, of Seattle, and Terry W. G. Mowatt II, 37, of Aberdeen.

Shannon Braaten, 54, and Duncan Harkness, 61, both of Aberdeen.

April Lynn Holcomb, 32, and Scott Brent Jacobi, 36, both of Hoquiam.

Jack Edward Pearson, 48, and Julie Lynn Clark, 47, both of Grayland.

Christopher Michael Mack, 32, and Alena Gay Cross, 33, both of Hoquiam.