Cold, sunny weather expected most of the week after snowy Sunday night

Expect cold and snow possible across Grays Harbor County over the next several days, according to the National Weather Service in Seattle.

As of Tuesday afternoon, there was a 30 percent chance of snow beginning today (Feb. 7). The chance of snow increased slightly Friday with rain also possible.

The possibility of snow however is difficult to predict, as National Weather Service forecaster Dustin Guy pointed out.

Forecasting snow along the coast in particular is never easy, he said.

“The tricky part is when we get into Friday. There’s another system dropping down into the area with a potential for snowfall,” Guy said. “It’s a lot trickier along the coast, but it will likely be snow here (in Seattle) with another potential source for snowfall on the coast.”

High temperatures in the area were expected to be in the low 40s or upper 30s with overnight lows dipping into the upper 20s.

The forecast for Pacific County was similar, with the Portland Weather Service office predicting clear and cold conditions over the next few days.

Sunday’s snow

As predicted, snow accumulations in the county varied widely in the snowfall that started Sunday evening.

“Along the immediate coast you’re looking at about an inch around Aberdeen, while Montesano got upward of two to three,” Guy said.

“A little bit more the farther east you go.”

Some places in Ocean Shores and Westport reported accumulations greater than 3 inches, while areas nearby reported much less.

Guy said the difference fell to “lucky timing and being in the right spot at the right time.”