Superior Court case log for Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018.

This new criminal, civil and domestic case list is from information filed recently with the Grays Harbor County Superior Court.


State of Washington v. Kory Louie Kaarvand, noncharge

State of Washington v. Michael Lee Johnson, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription

State of Washington v. Malcom Reed Holmes, controlled substance Schedule I or II narcotic drug or flunitrazepam salts, isomers in Schedule IV

State of Washington v. Terina Louise Harrington, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription

State of Washington v. Mikayla Lynn Lippincott, first degree theft

State of Washington v. Michael Fleming, communicating with minor for immoral purposes with a previous conviction

State of Washington v. Jack Gerald Cotey, second degree incest, second degree sexual misconduct with a minor, indecent liberties incapable consent

State of Washington v. Jeremy Anthony Allan Prosch, possession of a stolen vehicle

State of Washington v. Douglas Ray Evans, second degree possess of stolen property valued between $750-$5000

State of Washington v. Aimee Marie Oeser, second degree possess stolen property – access device


Laura M. Durga-Schultz v. Lance Alex Buxton, domestic violence

Heather Johnson v. Nathaniel Jack N. Johnson, domestic violence

US Bank Trust National Association v. all unknown heirs and devisees of Terry L. Austin and Betty A. Austin, foreclosure

Twyla J. Muhlhauser v. John Robert Deibert, sexual assault protection

Katelyn Schmidt v. Josiah Benjamin Blodgett, domestic violence

Karen Lee Werts v. Edwina Lucinda Springer, domestic violence

Financial Assistance Inc. v. Miguel Harvey, collection

Precision Remodel and Repair LLV v. Jackie Pleasants, et al., miscellaneous civil

Nathan Christopher Oeser v. Brant Sloan Oeser, domestic violence

Nina Johnson v. Out West Express LLC, et al., tort – motor vehicle

Katrin Hoppe v. Joe Perez, et al., miscellaneous – civil

Quinault Indian Nation v. Martin Figg II, domestic violence

Brenda Kay Koepke v. Joel Starr Cragin, unlawful harassment


Amy Mettler v. Jeremiah Mettler, dissolution of marriage with children

Jennifer Kathleen Grimes v. Gabriel John MacLean, parenting plan with child support

Danielle Nicole Thompson v. Dalton Jeffrey Jackson, parenting plan with child support

Carla McConnell and Carl Ronald Lofgren, dissolution of marriage with no children

Douglas Randall Emery v. Jessica Ann Wood, child custody

Gary Glen Butcher v. Nicole Kay McKillop, dissolution of marriage with children