Racing starts up for the summer

  • Fri May 10th, 2019 1:48pm
  • Sports

The sun was shining bright at Grays Harbor Raceway, with a light breeze and temps in the low 70’s as the Washington Modified Tour, Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks, Outlaw Tuners and Sportsman Sprints took to the 3/8-banked clay oval on Saturday night at Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma.

Outlaw Tuners

Starting off the feature events of the evening was the 15-lap Outlaw Tuner feature.

Hoquiam’s Cory Lash took the early lead, but quickly had tough company as Maynard Barnum of Raymond took over the top spot and pulled away from the field.

Tumwater’s Nathan Foster ran in the second spot, as Trevor Dugent of Tacoma and last week’s winner, Tyler Sundstrom of Hoquiam, battled for third.

The caution flag flew for Silverdale’s Del Tucker Jr., who slowed on the backstretch, and also for the leader Barnum, who spun in turn two, surrendering the lead to Foster.

On the restart, the battle for the lead between three drivers saw Belfair’s Max Sanford take over the top spot, with Sundstrom and Foster right at his back bumper.

Sundstrom took over the lead a lap later and pulled away on a long green-flag run.

A late-race restart gave Foster and Olympia’s Zachary Stallsmith a shot for the lead, but Sundstrom timed his restart just right to hold on and pick up his second win of the year.

Foster, Stallsmith, Sanford and Tucker Jr rounded out the top five.

Sportsman Sprint Cars

Sedro Woolley’s Cory Swatzina took the early lead while Burlington driver Kelsey Carpenter ran in second.

The battle for third between Malachi Gemmer of Lakwood and Ferndale’s Ashleigh Johnson made for two close battles on the track. Lap 6 saw Carpenter take the lead with a slide job in turn four on Swatzina.

Carpenter quickly pulled away from the rest of the field until a late-race caution from Gemmer bunched the field back up, giving Swatzina another shot at taking the lead back from Carpenter.

On the restart, Carpenter quickly pulled away, as Swatzina saw Johnson take over the second spot.

Carpenter picked up the win over Johnson, Swatzina, Bill Rude of Mt. Vernon and Gemmer.

Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks

Aberdeen’s Zack Simpson took the early lead until disaster struck in turn two when he got sideways, allowing Hoquiam’s Jason Tole to take over the lead. Simpson remained in the second spot, with Jack Parshall of Hoquiam running third.

Ryen Haney of Elma and Montesano driver Scott Fritts battled behind the top three until the caution flag flew for Aberdeen’s Cory Sweatman, who stopped in turn two.

On the restart, Haney went from fourth to second momentarily as Parshall and Simpson stayed right with him, racing three wide down the front stretch. Simpson took over the the second spot, with Haney in third.

Tole had no room for mistakes as Simpson continued to get closer each lap. Aberdeen’s Austin Kerrigan joined in on the battle, racing with Haney for third.

The caution flag flew on lap 13 for Simpson as he spun to a stop in turn two.

Tole once again had tough company as Haney, Fritts, Kerrigan and Sweatman stayed right with him.

At the end of the 20-lap feature, Tole picked up his first win of 2019.

Racing will resume next Saturday evening with the 360 Sprint Cars, and another round of the dual-track bonus, as well as the Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks and Outlaw Tuners. Gates open at 5:30 p.m. with racing at scheduled at 7 p.m.


May 4, 2019

Sportsman Sprint Cars

Heat Race: 1. 2 Cory Swatzina, 2. 79K Kelsey Cerpenter, 3. 0 Ashleigh Johnson, 4. 99 Malachi Gemmer, 5. 33 Bill Rude.

A-Main: 1. Carpenter, 2. Johnson, 3. Swatzina, 4. Rude, 5. Gemmer.

Outlaw Tuners

Heat 1: 1. 23 Tyler Sundstrom, 2. 60 Zachary Stallsmith, 3. 99 Del Tucker Jr, 4. 162 Cory Lash, 5. 323 Marlina Sheats.

Heat 2: 1. 63 Nathan Foster, 2. 3 Max Sanford, 3. 555 Trevor Dugent, 4. 2 Maynard Barnum, 5. 75X Robert Lokosek.

A-Main: 1. Sundstrom, 2. Foster, 3. Stallsmith, 4. Sanford, 5. Tucker Jr, 6. Sheats, 7. Dugent, 8. Lash, 9. Barnum, 10. Lokosek.

Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks

Fast Time: 12s Zack Simpson

Heat 1: 1. 12s Zack Simpson, 2. 34 Jason Tole, 3. 67 Ryen Haney, 4. 1 Cory Sweatman, 5. 00 Kirk McGinnis, 6. 4 Scott Semanko.

Heat 2: 1. 97 Rodger Perry, 2. 9 Jack Parshall, 3. 42 Scott Fritts, 4. 23B Matt White, 5. AK47 Austin Kerrigan, 6. 11 Daryl Brumfield, 7. 914 Tanner Bridges.

A-Main: 1. Tole, 2. Kerrigan, 3. Simpson, 4. Fritts, 5. Haney, 6. Semanko, 7. Bridges, 8. McGInnis, 9. Perry, 10. Sweatman, 11. Brumfield, 12. Parshall, 13. White, 14. Miller.

Washington Modified Tour

Heat 1: 1. 26 Scott Miller, 2. 5W Devan West, 3. 14K Kyler Moore, 4. 7K Kevin Smith, 5. 5R Robert Jenner, 6. 97 Tyson Blood, 7. 72 Travis Stevenson, 8. 43K Shane Kerrigan.

Heat 2: 1. 27 Lawrence O’Connor, 2. 9K Morgan Criswell, 3. 51M Craig Moore, 4. 714 Zach Fuller, 5. 8 Steve Bulpitt, 6. 98 Dan Kinnaman, 7. 42 Kevin Hanson.

Heat 3: 1. 75C Graham Cook, 2. 91 Chris Beaulieu, 3. 28 Brian Harding, 4. 8W Rick Smith, 5. 45 Tiana Wild, 6. 12 BJ Wild, 7. 41 Tim Phillips, 8. 23R Ron Comfort.

Heat 4: 1. 58 James Wolfard, 2. 11s Tom Sweatman, 3. 99 Jeremy Martin, 4. 81 Lane Zerbin, 5. 87K Brenton Schnitzer, 6. 31 Don Martin, 7. 7 Sean Fox.

B-Main: 1. Jenner, 2. BJ Wild, 3. Schnitzer, 4. Blood, 5. Tiana Wild, 6. Fox, 7. Martin, 8. Phillips, 9. Stevenson, 10. Bulpitt, 11. Kinnaman, 12. Hanson, 13. Comfort.

A-Main: 1. Beaulieu, 2. West, 3. Miller, 4. BJ Wild, 5. Kyler Moore, 6. Cook, 7. Kevin Smith, 8. Jeremy Martin, 9. Jenner, 10. O’Connor, 11. Craig Moore, 12. Schnitzer, 13. Rick Smith, 14. Wolfard, 15. Criswell, 16. Fuller, 17. Sweatman, 18. Blood, 19. Zerbin, 20. Harding.