Testing returns for Simpson students

By Madeline Valentine

Special to The Vidette

April showers bring May flowers and student testing at Simpson School. When your student has testing, please make sure they get plenty of rest and a healthy breakfast.

Here at Simpson School we are wrapping up the school year with lots of fun and entertaining activities. Coming soon … the Monte Fun(d) Run (Monte Marathon) and Teacher Appreciation Week. We will recognize and thank the teachers for the wonderful job they do. Also this week was the African Drumming Assembly.

This months word of the month is (drum roll) “Cooperation.” Cooperation means the process of working together to complete a task. Teachers will be looking for students who are working together and showing good teamwork.

And now can I give a big thank you to Tom and Justeene for putting on Missoula Children’s Theatre “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” So remember to show cooperation with your fellow students, staff members and the community this month and don’t forget to thank your teachers.

Simpson Says is written by a Simpson student each month.