Pub Monte owners selling after three years

For many Americans, the economic landscape has been unforgiving as the second half of 2022 begins. From record-high gas prices to inflationary numbers not seen since 1981, people have been feeling the monetary pinch in more ways than previously thought possible.

As people try to determine their spending power, the effects can be felt downstream in the business districts trying to survive another obstacle in what has been seen as a tumultuous couple of years. For one local Grays Harbor County restaurant, it’s an obstacle that’s proving too much to overcome.

Pub Monte, a local bar and grill restaurant in downtown Montesano, is being put up for sale. The restaurant, which prides itself on serving locally sourced savory food from scratch, announced the upcoming plan to sell on the business’ Facebook page on Tuesday, June 21. The public statement was intended to confirm rumors that the restaurant was preparing to close its doors.

Brooke Hoiness, who co-owns the restaurant with her husband Todd, said after three years of trying to keep the business afloat, the current economic conditions are prompting them to sell.

“When we opened our doors in August 2019, we were already in the hole. Then with COVID-19, we had to shut down for four months and it put us even (further) behind than we thought we’d be dealing with normally,” Brooke explained. “Now with high gas prices and inflation, it’s just really putting a strain on our family trying to keep our heads above water. So we just decided it was time to sell and get out while we can.”

Brooke went on to say the plan is to keep the restaurant open until they get a buyer to complete the sale, but that she expects to be done with the restaurant by the beginning of August. She also gave her appreciation to the community of Montesano, which allowed her business to operate for nearly three years.

“Despite the challenges we’ve had, our time has been great, and the people of Montesano have been supportive and fun to serve in our place. My husband and I love this town,” Brooke said.

As for the future of what happens to the building unit that housed Pub Monte, Brooke says multiple people have currently reached out in interest in buying her restaurant, some of which want to keep the restaurant the same as it currently stands.

“So far, we have seven interested parties that are looking to buy our place. Three of them want to keep it as Pub Monte, but we haven’t made any decision yet for who we’d like to sell to. We just want to see all our options right now,” Brooke said.

As for the future for Brooke and her husband, she said that she is currently figuring it out, but is prioritizing wrapping up things at the restaurant.

For people who are interested in experiencing Pub Monte before it closes, the restaurant is open Wednesday through Saturday from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. with a lunch opening on Tuesdays and Fridays from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Pub Monte is located at 116 W. Marcy St. in Montesano.