McCleary mayoral race sees Schiller leading, Dent and Berken tied

Andrews has big lead in race for Aberdeen City Council

Creating a regional fire authority in South Beach, the race for Aberdeen City Council (Ward 1 Position 2) and the mayoral race in McCleary were among the choices faced by Grays Harbor County voters in Tuesday’s primary election.

In McCleary, the race for mayor is an interesting one. It pits former mayor Gary Dent, who resigned the position abruptly in 2015, against the man appointed to take the seat, current mayor Brent Schiller. It also featured an Aberdeen Police officer, Jared Berken, who may not actually be eligible for the office because he hasn’t been a resident of McCleary for at least a year as appears to be required for that position under state law.

The first tally of votes recorded Tuesday evening had Schiller leading comfortably with 66.83 percent of the votes (133), followed by Berken and Dent in a dead heat with 16.58 percent (33) each.

Proposition 1 would create the South Beach Regional Fire Authority, combining Grays Harbor County fire districts 3, 11 and 14 with Pacific County Fire District 5 and the City of Westport Fire Department into one.

South Beach EMS Director Art Cole, Westport Fire Chief Dennis Benn and South Beach EMS Captain Daryl Brown spearheaded the effort to create the authority, stating it would stabilize, streamline, coordinate and preserve current levels of service throughout South Beach. It also, they said, would make it easier to coordinate training throughout the authority and assure each volunteer is given the same type and level of training.

Early results indicate they were able to convince the voters they needed. According to the county auditor, the measure passed by a wide margin in most impacted Grays Harbor Districts: Westport (77.39 percent), District 3 (82.96 percent, 112-23), District 11 (84.96 percent, 192-34); only District 14 cut it somewhat close at 67.98 percent with 121 yes votes to 57 no, with 100 percent of the votes counted. In Pacific County, 84.21 percent (192-36) voters were favoring the measure when first tallies were reported. Proposition 1 required a 60 percent majority vote to be approved.

There were three candidates on the ballot for Aberdeen City Council Ward 1 Position 2: incumbent Tawni Andrews, political newcomer Robert J. Rodgers and Dick Murchy. When the first results were posted shortly after 8:20 p.m., Andrews had 47.62 percent (90 votes), Murchy 33.86 percent (64) and Rodgers 18.52 percent (35).

When The Daily World asked to interview Murchy he politely declined, saying he wasn’t doing any press or promotion during the campaign. When the other two were asked their opinion about whether the City of Aberdeen should have a city administrator like Hoquiam does, the two differed. Andrews said she believed it would help offer stability within the city government; Rodgers said a city administrator is not necessary as those duties should be performed by the mayor.

Grays Harbor County

Public Hospital

Hospital District 1 Board position 1

Otis Leathers, 96, 9.9 percent

Georgette Beerbower Hiles, 522, 53.9 percent

Carolyn Wescott, 350, 36.2 percent



Council Ward 1, position 2

Dick Murchy, 64, 33.9 percent

Robert J Rodgers, 35, 18.5 percent

Tawni Andrews, 90, 47.6 percent

City of Elma Proposition 1 — Levy to partially fund police services for 2018

Yes, 292, 82.7 percent

No, 61, 17.3 percent

City of McCleary Mayor

Jared Berken, 33, 16.6 percent

Donald Gary Dent, 33, 16.6 percent

Brent Schiller, 133, 66.8 percent

City of McCleary, Council position 3

Jaron Heller, 85, 46.2 percent

Eric J. Hart, 61, 33.1 percent

Odd DeBakker, 38, 20.7 percent

City of Ocean Shores

Council position 1

Susan Conniry, 552, 45.8 percent

John Lynn, 461, 38.2 percent

Michael Darling, 193, 16 percent

Council position 3

Shannon Rubin, 385, 32.3 percent

Jackie Farra, 157, 13.2 percent

John Schroeder, 242, 20.3 percent

Lisa Griebel, 407, 34.2 percent

Council position 5

Steve Ensley, 606, 52.8 percent

Will Oaks, 155, 13.5 percent

Randy D. Scott, 389, 33.7 percent

South Beach

Creation of the South Beach Regional Fire Authority

Yes, 908, 80.9 percent

No, 215, 19.1 percent

School Districts

Aberdeen School 5 Position 1

Devin Backholm, 708, 39.1 percent

Anna Stone, 306, 16.9 percent

Jennifer Durney, 798, 44 percent

Cosmopolis Director District 1

Mark Collett, 58, 20.2 percent

Tina Miles, 118, 41.3 percent

Barbie Smith, 110, 38.5 percent

Cosmopolis Director District 4 (at-large)

Dave Palmer, 175, 60.1 percent

Mike Charlton, 34, 11.7 percent

Cindy Grenier, 82, 28.2 percent

Fire Districts

Fire District 5, Director Position 1

Liisa Mayberry, 90, 21.4 percent

Dave Hauge, 148, 35.1 percent

Eric L Patton, 183, 43.5 percent

Pacific County

City Of Raymond


Nelia E. Woods, 71, 18.5 percent

Douglas (Tony) Nordin, 116, 30.1 percent

Steve Jones, 198, 51.4 percent