New Cosi mayor likely will have to deal with old city building issues

Kyle Pauley holding out hope late votes be enough to approve new City Hall/court/police station building.

Kyle Pauley will be the new mayor of Cosmopolis. But right now, he’s more focused on the municipal building election, which is very close, than he is on his race.

“I’m more concerned about the municipal building and seeing if that gets to the 60 percent that we need,” he said. “It could change.”

His opponent, Steve Davis, doesn’t see the outcome of the mayoral race changing.

“I really don’t anticipate the race tightening up. But I’m going to hold out some hope,” he said. “Pauley did run a good campaign. He’s a sharp guy and a capable person. I don’t hold any ill will or grudge toward Kyle.”

Pauley is leading Davis 314 votes to 203 votes as of Friday night’s count. Across the county, there are about 3,300 votes left to tally. There’s no way to be sure how many of those are from Cosmopolis.

It looks as if one of the first problems Pauley will have to deal with as mayor will be what to do about the city buildings’ lack of compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act laws and a lack of space.

The bond measure that would have funded a new City Hall, court and police station building, while still too close to call, is not getting enough votes to pass the supermajority requirement.

The measure, which would provide $3 million to be paid off over 20 years, has 59.58 percent of the vote. It needs 60 percent. The current vote tally is 311 approving versus 211 against.

On Tuesday night, the measure had 58 percent of the vote approving it.

In the other contested race in Cosi, Candice Makos has beaten Kelsey Davis and will become a member of the Cosmopolis City Council. Makos has 336 votes to Davis’ 134.