McCleary council continues RV talks

McCleary council continues RV talks

The McCleary City Council continues to discuss a potential ordinance that would put restrictions on RVs parked on private property.

On July 13, the council passed an ordinance limiting RV parking in the city right of way. At that meeting, the council also discussed regulations for parking RVs on private property, but no action was taken.

The same was true during the Aug. 10 council meeting. The council discussed a potential ordinance and heard the concerns of residents. Public works director Todd Baun has said he hopes a revised ordinance will create clear and consistent language for enforcement purposes.

While no draft ordinance has been provided to the council, recommended language was provided to the council in a staff report from Baun.

The recommended language defines “recreational and utility vehicles” (which includes boat trailer, motorcycles and snowmobiles), and it would limit those vehicles from parking in front of buildings unless there is no reasonable access to the building side yards or rear yards. The language also specifies no more than three recreation vehicles can be parked outside a single-family lot.

RVs can not serve as a “dwelling unit,” meaning living in the RV temporarily or permanently would be prohibited.

Concerns discussed at the Aug. 10 meeting specifically centered on “screening requirements.” The recommended language states the RV must be covered or sight screened (with fencing or landscaping). Any covers used would need to be approved for RVs.

Resident Joanie Sampson worried that screens and covers would be difficult for senior citizens in the community and they can cause issues for the RV.

“The covers for RVs actually hold in moisture,” Sampson said. “They cause mold in seven days… They’re a hazard to an RV, and the covers become unsightly.”

Councilman Ben Blankenship said he would like language that prohibits RVs from blocking the house address.

“That could delay some emergency services, so I’d just as soon X that out to not allow parking in the front,” Blankenship said.

The council took no action. A draft ordinance could be provided to the council for consideration in the future.